Thursday, November 15, 2012

Sometimes The Child Wins

Today I was so incredibly frustrated with Abby. For a while now we have had a really good afternoon schedule. Lunch at noon, nap at 12:30. Lately, she has done this schedule beautifully. I put her in her crib at 12:30, hear little noises as she falls asleep and voila! She is out for a good two-and-a-half-sometimes-three-hours, and I know I can get a decent nap in myself.

Well today was different. I put her in bed at her normal time. She had no problems until about 1 when she started crying. I ignored her til 1:30 finally went to peak in at her. First mistake. She didn't want me to leave. So I took her downstairs, turned on a movie and tried to cuddle her. All she wanted to do was play however. I knew she was tired seeing as she was tweaking her ear so at 2 I put her back to bed and she screamed for an hour while I cleaned. Finally at 3 she was quiet and I thought I had won. I climbed into bed gloatingly.

I was wrong.

Again, a half hour after that she was screaming. Finally I got so frustrated that I just brought her to bed with me and just like that, she fell asleep cuddling with me. And all my frustration melted away. What is it about a sleeping baby that is so heart-warming? Sure, I never got my nap. Sure, she was hogging my side of the bed, but it was totally worth it cuddling my sleeping daughter for a few minutes.

Well played Abbigale Mae. But tomorrow, we play mommy's way.


  1. I guess all she needed was a little mommy snuggle time.

  2. Seriously the worst! I hate it when Emmy and I fight over naptime! If only they realized how precious those hours are and how much they will wish they had used that time when they're our age :). Cute pictures though. Sorry you didn't get your nap sister. But I'm sure you loved the snuggle time!

  3. what a sweet little girl!! i wish landon slept with me- those days are just the worst, when they wont keep on their schedule. i hope you get to nap today!

  4. I wonder if it isn't her ear bothering her. It's so frustrating that babies can't communicate and tell you what's going on. They just get so messed up. And it is stressful. Good luck. Battling babies is a life long duty as a mom :)