Thursday, November 29, 2012

My very selfish self-centered wish list.

  • I wish Abby would stop growing so fast and be this cute one year old for a little bit longer.
  • I wish the more food I ate the less calories I would consume.
  • I wish the more money I spent, the more money I would get.
  • I wish I liked water more.
  • I wish my hair would do itself. (and my makeup too)
  • I wish I could cut back the nights I work.
  • I wish Abby got her long lashes from me.
  • I wish vegetables tasted like chocolate. 
  • I wish we could get our house more fixed up.
  • I wish for a walk-in closet with a never ending clothes/shoe/purse supply.
  • I wish I could be more trendy.
  • I wish we had a hot tub...or even just a jet tub.
  • I wish we also had a swimming pool with a pet dolphin named bubbles in it.
  • I wish I lived closer to my best friend. And that the Floo Network really existed. (whaaa?)
  • I wish Abby didn't find it funny to throw her food on the ground
  • I wish Sam and I could travel the world. We would hit Disneyland first. Harry Potter land second. (I know. Why would a freak like me put HP second?)
  • I wish I had a cook, and a maid. Like Emily Gilmore.
  • I wish I could write a book. 
  • I wish I could be in a movie.
A girl can dream, right?


  1. i wish for almost all of those things too! except the dolphin.... but esp the chocolate and calories thing.

  2. But my dear, you ARE trendy. So very much more trendy than me. But that aside, may all your wishes come true :)