Saturday, November 24, 2012

16 Months

Little Miss Abbigale Mae is now 16 months. I know I sound like  broken record, but seriously, where has the time gone? Abby is getting such a personality and turning more and more into a toddler and less baby every day.

She is a huge fan of Gilmore Girls

 Abby LOVES babies. Real ones, kids her age, dolls, it doesn't matter. She will repeat 'bebe' over and over again when she sees one. At my morning work out classes, if a baby is there, I can barley work out because I am so busy trying to keep her away from poking the baby, or trying to give it her famous open-mouthed kisses where she kisses so hard she stabs with her teeth.
My visiting teacher was nice enough to let Abby hold her Emmy. 
She is a super good walker now. She went from virtually no walking, she preferred crawling or would only walk holding hands, to practically running. I didn't think it could get much cuter than crawling, but boy she is so cute when she walks. However, she still loves holding hands when she walks, especially if she is holding both our hands and can speed walk. She also is a cute talker. She will tell us full stories, pointing at all, while her little tongue sticks between her teeth occasionally. I can't really describe it, but boy she babbles on and on and on. She also is starting to know little actions for things, such as when she wants to get picked up (no one can resist when she sticks her arms in the air and wiggles her fingers) and when she is done with something she will shrug her shoulders.

Abby is a super picky eater. Somedays she will eat a ton. Other days, she refuses. And when she refuses, it typically comes with throwing her food on the floor or throwing one of her famous fits. She falls down dramatically on the floor and either sits on her belly and cries or rolls over like her world has come to an end. I do believe we are in trouble when she hits her teen years.

Other little tid bits our little Abby does, she loves brushing her teeth. If she ever sees Sam or I doing it, she has to come and ask for her toothbrush. She loves her books, and now will bring them to us and sit on our lap, ready for story time. She is very explorative,  (not a word?) and causes the biggest messes when she is doing so. I don't know how some moms can keep their houses immaculate. I clean one thing only to turn around to an Abby mess. However, I do find her messes cute. Looking around at all her little piles of havoc make me smile. Abby also LOVES to sit on things her size; the stairs, our space heater, her cousins car-seat, anything. She can also click her tongue now. Don't know when or how she learned it, but it's adorable.

Sam and I still can't believe we made such a perfect little human being, but we are sure glad we did. We just can't get enough.


  1. I think it's cute that you still think her messes are cute. Haha. I also, of course, think that Abby is adorable. Love the fit throwing when trying to feed her :)

  2. that clicking thing is so cute! its so funny how different her and landon are and how similar- like the messes or food or tantrums but not the toothbush. i LOVE how she loves babies! thats just adorable!!!

  3. You're a much better/more calm Mommy than me. When Emmy or Jack make messes...I start to break out in a rash. It's terrible! I need to be more laid back :). And I didn't know your visiting teacher has an Emmy! She totally copied us. We had an Emmy first :). Cute, cute Abby. I just love her!