Monday, January 31, 2011

Dreams last for so long.

I know I've been talking a lot about my pregnancy, but hey, it's the main thing and the most exciting thing happening in our lives right now. Well that and trying to figure out if/where I'm going to work once baby is born, who will/can take care of baby, where we are going to live, what to do with know. Stressful stuff like that. But those things are for another post. This post is about my recent weird dreams.

As most pregnant gals can recall, the dreams while pregnant are CRAZY! I love them. It's like a movie everynight. I relay most of them to Sam in the morning and they are just so much fun for the most part. Some of them are even too jumbled to recall. Most are just exciting.

Here are two dreams I had recenlty that I love. The first one I had a few nights ago. I had my baby, but for some reason didn't get to look at it or anything. Sam just took it right to daycare. A lady I work with named Lourdes owned the day care. When we picked the baby up, the daycare was just in the back of Lourdes' car, which was freezing. So we got the baby and I got my first look at my little baby girl. For some reason, I didn't know it was a girl before (note: we do not know what our child is yet). So the first time I looked at her, I guess she was a few weeks old, and I was hooked. She was the most beautiful baby in the world! I remember looking at her at how perfect she was. Even though her fingers looked like Barbie fingers, long and plasticy. Anyway, that didn't bother me. I just remember holding her and feeding her and burping her. I woke up happy, but sad at the same time. And very impatient for baby to come.

My favorite dream of last night goes like this. Sam was in the military and had to go to military training. He was gone 3 weeks and home 3 weeks. That was his pattern. He asked me to start dating while he was gone to prepare us for if he went to war and died, I'd be taken care of. I didn't see anything wrong with that, so I did as he told me and went out on a date with this guy. Well I guess I must have made a big impression on this guy, because he really liked me and asked me to get more serious I guess. I didn't think anything would happen that soon so I just looked at him and said "I'm pregnant. And married." and showed him my left hand. Well this devastated the poor guy and he started to sob. So I hugged him and told him I was really sorry, but that I still loved my husband and explained to him why I even went out with him. He understood, but was super bummed. Understandably. I mean, I am a catch and I was the one who got away.

I've had way more odd dreams then this, and I should write them down because I can't remember some of them. But every night is an adventure. Let's see what tonight brings.


  1. Hahahaha :). I had some pretty crazy dreams too. The only one that I really remember is making out with my hollywood crush...Nate Archibald from Gossip Girl. I felt so bad about it, I told Tim the next morning and he just laughed at me. I'm crossing my fingers you're having a girl! That way we all had girls first! So fun! :)

  2. trriipppyy. you are a catch though, i can see why sam would want you back on the market- to share your awesomeness with the world

  3. Hahahaha! I love the dream about Sam wanting you to date in case he goes off to war. I think that's one of the funniest/best dreams ever. And you are a catch! ;) I find myself really hoping you have a girl lately. I think it's a sign :)