Tuesday, January 11, 2011

My Grandma

Less then a month after my granny died my grandma Betty Bingham, the last living grandparent I had, passed away on January 10,2011. It was very hard to take so close to losing my granny, especially because it happend so suddenly. We thought she was very healthy and would live a few more years, but Heavenly Father had other plans for her and called her home. I am thankful for the life of my grandma. She was a very sweet dear lady. She was the only grandparent that didn't have Alzehimer's, and for that I am very thankful. My grandpa died 7 years before her, so she has lived alone for a long time. She was ready to be back with her sweetheart again I'm sure. She lived a wonderful life, full of happiness and left good memories behind. I'd like to focus on the a few of the happy times I, along with other members of my family, share.

  • She used to babysit my brother Erik and I. She always made us Spaghettio's cooked on the stove top, not microwaved. (they did have a different taste) and we always drank Sunny D with it. She also had a movie we would watch every time called On Our Own. We loved it.
  • One time she was babysitting us, we went to a playground without telling her. After we gave her a heartattack, she found us. I don't remember what our punishment was, but I do know she was very relived that we were ok.
  • When I went to SLCC, I had a math class that started at 7. I would park my car at the trax on 39th south and right after work I would go to her house. We would have a nummy dinner together and just talk. I didn't realize then how special those times would be to me now.
  • My granpa and grandma would always keep gingersnaps around. If we asked, of course they would give us one. But sometimes we thought it would be more fun to sneak them. I'm sure they knew what were were doing...kids aren't as sneaky as they think they are. Especially when the cookie jar would clink. But they never 'caught' us or said anything. They acted obivious.
  • My grandma made the best fruit salad for Thanksgiving and other family gatherings. It had the flavored marshmallows and apples and cherries and all sorts of yummy fruit in it.
  • She collected porcelain dolls and benie babies and displayed them around her home.
  • She was one of the first people I told about my baby the day after I found out. She was very happy for me.
  • When she was younger, she always told me she LOVED to shop. She would work and as soon as she got her paycheck, her and her girlfriends would go shopping right away and she would blow almost her whole check. She especially loved shoes. I know where I get it from.
  • One of my favorite things about my grandma is she LOVED Harry Potter, just like I do. She read all 7 of the books and saw most the movies. I was pretty sad when I realized she would never see the 7th movie. My sister, grandma, and I would always talk about the books and how awesome they were. It was great sharing something I love so much with my grandma.

There is so much more about my grandma I love. This just brushes the surface. I know I'll see her again someday and until then her, along with my other grandparents, are watching over me and my family. I love you grandma. See you again someday!

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  1. Wow. She seriously sounds like such an awesome Grandma! I'm jealous in a way because I never had a relationship with my real grandmas like that. I had one with my adopted Grandma, and losing her in Jr. High was so hard. I still cry about it sometimes. If you need anything let me know, but I am so glad you have such good memories! Those are always so special :)