Thursday, January 13, 2011

Baby, Baby, Baby Oh!

So, now the word is out. I, Caitlin Marie Tappana, am going to have a baby. I still have a hard time believing it. It just feels like I have an extended flu. But yesterday Sam and I were able to see our little baby for the first time and hear the heartbeat. It was amazing. I can't believe there is a living thing inside me. And I love it. It still seems unreal, like I was looking at someone elses baby. But infact it is our baby, mine and Sams, Forever.

Athough I'm so so happy, there are some parts of pregnancy I dislike at the moment. I know they will get better soon. But...

Things I dislike about being pregnant:
  • Throwing up. It's the WORST
  • Not being able to eat the same food more than once. Sam gets a lot of leftovers
  • The small amount of heartburn I have had so far. I know it will just get worse.
  • Lack of energy. Poor Sam. I'm such a boring wife right now.
  • Getting up 2 times in the night to potty. Actually...that was pretty normal before I was pregnant...
  • Walking along and smelling something HORRIBLE and having to put my hands to my nose so I don't gag or throw up. I've had a few close calls.

But there are also some things I do love about being pregnant, and I know things will just get better.

Things I love about pregnancy:

  • If I want something, I tell Sam that baby wants something. Works like a charm. (usually)
  • People are so nice to me when they find out I'm pregnant.
  • I get to see and soon feel a miracle growing inside me.
  • I soon get a whole new wardrobe. A great excuse to go shopping.
  • I have more reason to keep myself healthy. Now that I have a baby, I want it to be healthy too so I find I want to work out more and eat healthier. I hope it lasts!
  • Now when I see babies and become baby hungry, I know soon I'll have my own.
  • Right now I have a good reason to go home after work and put sweats on for the night. :)
  • Fast food is on my "GROSS: DO NOT EAT" list, and yes it's on the things I love because it's saving money and calories!
  • I've found out even more what a GREAT husband Sam is.

So really, all in all pregnancy is awesome. Mel, if you're reading this, I think it's time you join the bandwagon.


  1. I feel so bad that there are things you dislike about being pregnant! I was so freaking lucky! I don't think there was one thing I didn't like...and I think that's why I get so jealous when I see you and Kari (well...not Kari anymore :)), I just LOVED being pregnant! I'm so excited for you guys. Tonight, when I held Ammon at the hospital, I thought about you and Sam and how you're both gonna be parents to a beautiful little one soon enough. I know I said this...but seriously, I am SO excited for you guys!

  2. hahaa!! you know, i was thinking about you last night and i thought you should totally do smething like this! it's lke we we thinking the ______ thing at the ______ time!! you should do like monthly updates like that- things that you like, things you miss, changes, stuff like that--- and i feel honored to be mentioned by name

  3. This blog is pretty much one of my favorites ever. Because I agree with everything! I hope you feel better soon and then you'll hit the fun stuff like the first kick and stuff. SO EXCITED FOR YOU!!!!