Monday, March 3, 2014

St. George Pt. 2

Monday morning of our trip was almost my favorite day I think. It started out earlyish. My sister, her husband, and I got up at 7am and went for a jog up by Skyline drive. It was a beautiful, but super hilly, run. Although my Nike+ said I ran 7.26 miles, it was actually only about a 5k. Best way to start a morning, even if I did ruin a perfectly good run by eating at McDonald's after. (hence part of my weight gain this trip.) After we were all  ready for the day, we went on a hike in Snow Canyon called Johnsons Arch. It is probably almost my favorite hike ever. It was beautiful, and the trail was easy enough for kids to walk on, but not so easy that we didn't get a good work out in. After the hike, me, Sam, and the girls went to get ice cream. I know. We eat so healthy after a good workout. That night we had the best grilled Hamburgers for dinner, and our girls slept like champs.
Jarik was so cute and walked with Abby til she got too tired to walk.

And then we put her in the too small hiking backpack because Maddi was asleep in the other one.

Tuesday morning we said goodbye to the McGees, and then headed to Vegas to visit my bff8 and see new baby Porter. We got there later than we wanted to, thanks to missing the exit, but I still loved visiting her. She made us a delicious lunch, Landon and Abby played and then napped, and Maddi and Porter looked at each other. I sure do miss Mel. After we left her house, we stopped by the Pawn Stars pawn shop. Totally tourists yes. We walked in the shop and we were the only ones pushing a stroller that was super hard to maneuver, but it was totally worth it. We snapped a few pictures outside of it (they were getting ready to film inside so we couldn't take any pictures) and then started heading home, making a nursing/dinner pit-stop. By that point, poor Miss Maddi just wanted out and cried most the way home, until I was able to squish back between the car-seats for a bit to calm her down.
The sun was blaring on Abby on the way down

Maddi and Porter. My child looks huge!

Abby and Landon. The only picture I got. Lame I know.

Wednesday morning we were all ready to go. I didn't want to get back to normal life, but I was so anxious to sleep in my own bed and get my girls back on their schedule. After breakfast, we got ready, packed up, said goodbye to everyone and left. It was a fun and much needed family vacation. The beautiful weather was just what we needed. I'm already ready for another vacation!!


  1. it was so great seeing you guys! one day well live near each other again, maybe in a nursing home, but mark my words, were living together!

  2. I love the picture standing together with both your kids in backpacks. Super cute. And the picture of Maddi next to Porter reminds me of the picture of Ammon laying next to Abby when he was so huge compared to her. Yay for vacations and the adjustment of coming home!