Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Life Lately According To My Phone

Life lately has been Abby always in Maddi's face. It's been taking a ride on big sisters horse, Bella. Life has been a chilly but fun afternoon at the park. "I'll catch you mama!"
 Life lately has been finding Abby fast asleep in the hallway one Saturday morning. It's been Maddi enjoying the cart ride at Target. Life has been my two girls finally big enough to bath together, which makes bath time so much easier, and it's been Abby being the best big sister ever and reading to Maddi while I got ready for the day.
 Life lately has been Madalyn having fun cousin time with Daphne. It's been a little baby who wants to help fold clothes. Life has been Abby running around with a garbage can on her head (and wearing her princess underwear) and it's been beautiful eyelashes as she sleeps. 
 Lastly, life as been a rosy-cheeked little girl just waking up from her nap. It's been a cute baby showing off her cute new Sunday dress. It's been finally buying ourselves a new table and 6 chairs ($200 off KSL) with our tax return money, and life has been grocery shopping, and two little girls enjoying the ride. Life has been hectic, but also awesome.


  1. Cool! A new table! That's a fun purchase :) And I think Maddi is getting cuter by the day and how grown up is Abby in her princess underwear?!

  2. super nice table!! and oh my gosh that pic with daphne didnt even look like madi! i thought, who is that? she looks so big and grown up! i love your little girls and miss you all so much!