Thursday, March 6, 2014

Random Thoughts

This morning, Abby woke up at 4:30. My sweet husband put her back in bed and shortly thereafter Maddi woke up. My turn. Its ok though, because I was pretty wide awake at that point. Wide awake and thinking about lots of things like:

  • How lucky I am that I have a husband that will get up willingly with Abby, even though he has to work
  • How I am getting to be a pro at nursing. I don't have to turn on a light or even sit up now. I just put Maddis head in the general direction and boom. Breakfast is served.  With our next child, I probably won't even have to get up to get her. Somehow magically, I bet she will just appear in my arms.
  • One of my most favorite feelings in the world is Maddi's fuzzy little head. I just love the feeling of it on my face in the wee hours of the morning as I am snuggling her back to sleep. 
  • I think Heavenly Father makes 2 and a half year olds extra cute, because he also knows they are becoming extra hard. Little miss Abby has had a little attitude lately, which scares me because I know at this point it is Sam and I as her parents that make or break her. My worst fear is having my sweet little girl turn into the monster toddler no one can stand. Yesterday she had the worst kind of fit at Smiths. I had a lot of sympathetic "been there, done that looks" from fellow parents. Her fit was so bad, that a man from my ward had to help me put Maddi in the cart, a firefighter walked up to her and gave her a badge, and the produce man tried to give her a banana. Super nice men for trying. Didn't work, but they were sweet. On the other hand though, Abby is more and more cute everyday saying the cutest things. Her imagination is just running wild and I am amazed and what a beautiful, funny, kind, sweet little thing I have. (More on a separate blog about her Abbyisms.)
  • I was thinking about how I was going to sacrifice the last half of the avocado for Sam's sandwich today. It was hard, but sometimes love is hard you know what I mean? He deserved that avocado half, after all, he does even more sacrifices for me. 
  • And lastly, this weight losing thing sucks sometimes. I just want to stuff my face with pizza and coke and all you can eat chocolates. And top that meal off with some ice cream and chips. And then go
    stuff my face with all the Chinese food I can handle. After that, eat Arbys curly fries and a cherry slurpee. And then not work out. Just sit on my butt and not gain any weight. Don't get me wrong, I love working out, but just to sit after that meal and revel in the fact that the weight won't come would be awesome. Completely awesome. Excuse me while I eat my apple. 


  1. i am so jealous of your pro nursing but feel so bad about the fits! i am so sorry! landon is really getting there and im terrified. how sweet of those men to try to help! and i agree about the food- esp on days when landon is sick and im stuck at home (today)- im going to eat myself giant

  2. Food is the devil. I love it. My kids can be little devils, but I love them. Why must so many good things also be so bad? :) Looking forward to hearing about Abby!