Tuesday, March 11, 2014


It's been a while since I have written a blog solely dedicated to Abbigale Mae. But this girl of mine? She is changing so, so much. She is getting cuter and cuter everyday as her imagination blooms and her vocabulary grows. Here are some things she has said lately that have gotten Sam and I in stitches:

  • One night as we were getting ready for bed, I was complaining to Sam how messy the house is. Abby piped up, "The house is a mess?" I told her yes. She then said "Sorry. Sorry bout dat."
  • Another night we were watching "The Best of Late Night" and Abby looked at Jimmy Fallon and said: "Jimmy Fallon is sooooo cute!!" Couldn't agree more kiddo. Couldn't agree more. 
  • One day she told me, "Don't eat the TV like cookie monster. It's dangerous." Thanks for the warning Abby.

  • She frequently has conversations with herself in the mirror. "So, how was your Christmas." "I'm going to the store with mommy." She also walks around with a phone up to her ear, pacing around like daddy and talking to whomever she decides. 
  • She knows every single word to Jar of Hearts, and belts it with so much feeling!!
  • She frequently reads books to Maddi, and it's adorable, even though sometimes Maddi hates it.
    "Once upon a time" she'll start out with and then tell whats going on in the pictures. Super smart in my book.
  • She loves this lego show on Netflix called "New Girl In Town." There is a horse on there named Bella. She always asked where Bella was, so I dug my old Crimp N' Curl pony out at my moms house. She loves it, although now she is asking us where the "bigger" horse is. I guess she is in the "I want a pony" girls stage now.
  • From that same Lego show, there is a dog names Scarlet. Here she is, talking to her milk like it is Scarlet, and quoting the show almost word for word. "Sit. Roll over. Stay. Come on. You've caused a lot of trouble. You owe me."
  • Lastly, Saturday she picked up my pump from the drainer. When we asked her what she was doing she said: "Just pumpin' my boobies."
She brings to much joy and happiness to the home. I love this little girl of mine so much. I do wish she would stop growing so fast, but since that isn't going to happen I have to enjoy these days where she is still my little girl. True that these days have been some of the hardest, but I also don't think I've laughed at any one person as much as this little human being makes me laugh. I love you my little Abbigale Mae!!


  1. ahahhahahah i am dying! just pumping my boobies<>!!! landon asked me the other day to help him find his boobies and then tried to get me to pump milk for his fox hahah kids are so fun and i love these abbyisms. landon is not quite up to par with abby yet on the funny phrases. love theses!!!

  2. hahahaha. Oh she is awesome. Love that little Abby. "Just pumpin' my boobies."

  3. She always has been a character. Wish we could be around to hear more of the things she says as she's getting older!