Thursday, March 20, 2014

The Seventh Month

Madalyn is officially over the hump. She is 7 months. Before I know it, she will be a year. It breaks my heart a little. But at the same time, I love this stage of her little life. At seven months:

  • Maddi can sit up like a champ. She still can't roll or scoot, but she sits up like a pro. Those things will come. Both my girls have been late rollers.
  • She still has two little cute teeth, but her grumpies make me think more are trying to make a break through.
  • She grabs anything and everything in her reach now and it goes straight to her mouth. Nothing is safe in the hands of this little girl.
  • She eats basically all fruits and veggies and cereal. She also loves to snack on little crackers called "baby mum mums" and puffs. We also introduced her to a little bit of peanut butter, and she loves it. She smacks her lips and everything. Thank goodness the age changed for trying peanut butter. Maddi will now never be the same.
  • She still nurses. In fact, she suddenly stopped taking a bottle for a while. She took one the other day so hopefully she does it again. Sam and I plan to take a trip for our anniversary. I do love nursing though, so for the most part I am ok with no bottles. 
  • She loves putting blankets or burp cloths on her head and then pull it off, and she loves playing peak-a-boo that way too.
  • She says mumumum when she babbles. Also, when she cries she will say that and I am pretty sure its because she wants me. She also has a really cute high-pitched squeal. 
  • She is growing out of her 6 month clothes, although I am still trying to stuff her in them for as long as possible while it is still a bit on the cool side. Most of the 9 month clothing we have are for warmer weather.
  • She is in size 3 diapers
  • She loves going on walks and looking around. I think we will have another little girl who loves the outdoors.
I sure am a lucky mama. I love my little Madalyn Marie. Every single thing about her.


  1. :( I miss that girl and can't wait to see her adorable face in person in April!

  2. You and Sam breed well ;) I think we need to take some spring pictures. I won't take forever to get them to you this time. ;)

  3. i am glad she is more of a mamas girl- you deserve that with abby loving yeager. she is quite the adorable doll!