Sunday, February 2, 2014

Fall 2013 Family Pictures

Back in September, we got family pictures taken by the talented Katie Howe. I LOVE how they turned out. I would have posted them sooner, but our laptop died, and our desktop wouldn't let us put pictures on it. We got a new laptop yesterday, so here we are.

The only downside: Maddi wasn't cooperating, so we didn't get all the pictures we wanted of her. Abby on the other hand was being a camera hog, so we got lots of her. Without further adieu, here are just some of my favorites. (It was really hard to just choose these.)

This is by far my favorite picture of these two!

This basically sums up my girls relationship

Madalyn was done by this point. 
And this is my favorite picture of the two of us.

This family of mine? I love them.


  1. yay! I'm so glad you like them! You have such a cute little family!

  2. Ah! So cute! I just love, love, love the ones with Abby and Sam, Abby and Maddie, and Abby and you. Sure she's a camera hog, but I think the camera loves her :) I also like the ones with you guys standing up. Poor Maddie, but even without the best cooperation she's still adorable! So much gushing from me...I love your family too.

  3. i cannot tell you how much i love these pictures!!! you are just gorgeous and i love those boots. abby looks like a model and that pic of her and sam is ridiculously adorable!! i am so excited to see you guys and that beautiful madalyn!!! love you!!!

  4. I LOVE these! Especially the one of Sammy and Abby together. Sooo sweet :). I love Daddy/daughter relationships. They melt my heart. Probably because I have one with my Pops. You all look sooo good, and the colors are awesome! Love, love love. Wish our family pictures had turned out that good! I might have posted them! But sadly, they didn't. Oh well. Love yours though! Can I maybe borrow them and try to claim them as my own? Ha!