Sunday, February 16, 2014

My Cell Phone Device

Life has been Abby being not shy one bit. One Sunday, she was showing off her sucker to my two favorite people in the ward: Brother Ostergaard and Sister Coon. She then decided to get cozy in the Bishops office and help with tithing. Later that week, we fixed some blueberry pancakes, and then played in the freshly fallen snow.
 Since both Sams and my grandparents are dead, life lately has been snuggling with an adoptive great grandparent in our ward during Tuesday RS night. Its been sleeping in late in mommy's and daddy's bed, and just staring at how I made two perfect little girls. Life has been Abby throwing a fit because I took her toothbrush away from her and then I gave it to her so she would stop crying and she then fell fast asleep. She won that fight. And, its been snuggling my sick teething baby.
 Life lately has been Madalyn getting big enough to sit in the Walmart cart. Its been a poor sick snuggly Abby. Life has been putting Maddi in a target cart and her being too little for it, and life has been making my 10,000 step mark on my fitbit!
 Life has been making a delicious Sunday dinner of pork ribs, Maddi being adorable during dinner, Abby fighting so hard not to eat it put her to sleep, and trying to get a cute picture of us 3 girls. 
And, life lately has been Abby keeping Rikelle from exercising during aerobics one day. Its been another adorable sleeping picture of my girls, making sugar cookies (but not finishing frosting them and they are probably bad now) and an adorable Madalyn being up all hours Thursday night due to her excitement of vacationing the next day.


  1. Oh those girls... I love them :)

  2. i too hate how targets seats are so big! how in the world do you get your girls to sleep together? and how do you let them sleep in your bed?! hahahah i cant believe how big madi is, growing teeth and all. she is all cuteness and i love how abby threw a fit then fell asleep hahah kiddos are hilarious and monsters all at the same time