Sunday, February 23, 2014

Madalyn Marie Update

Months: 6 months! Already half way to one. I don't like that. Nope. Not one bit.

Weight: She was weighed Friday and she was up to 16.10 lbs. She's got rolls for days!

How she is sleeping: The past few days since we have been home from vacation, she has been sleeping wonderfully!! Thursday night in particular, she slept from 9-7:45. It. Was. The. BEST!!

What Madalyn Loves: Toys that glow, daddys beard that tickles her face, sitting up, bouncing on our knees, and chewing on her tongue.

What we're working on: STILL trying to roll over. Well I mean, she can do it, but she chooses to be upset on her tummy anyway. But she has rolled over, so I know she can do it. We are also working on sitting up. She is getting really good at that. And, even though she sleeps well at night lately, we are still working on a better sleep schedule. For both my girls really.

What's new this month: She grew another cute bottom tooth, and she found her tongue and will just chew on it like crazy. She also loves playing peak a boo with her burp cloth.
She seriously looks like me here I think

How is Abby doing? She seems to be doing ok. She doesn't get too jealous, but she has asked me and Sam to "put her{maddi} down" a few times. But, she loves her little sister to death, and is even starting to learn to be softer with her. The other day I heard Abby reading a book, and I walked into her laying next to Maddi and reading her one of her books. Heart melted. And then this happened. Maddi was less than thrilled.


  1. she is just adorable and so so fun! im so glad you got all that sleep- hopefully shell keep it up and at least one of your girls is easy to sleep train :) miss you guys already!

  2. Such a cutie! I can't believe it's been six months!! Happy six months Maddi!