Monday, June 3, 2013

Life Lately According to my Cell Phone Device.

It's been a while since I've done a life lately post, so this might be a long one. 
Life lately has been a very dirty, but very happy girl playing outside. It's been Abby loving her bouncer and this mama nervous for when she has to share it with little sister. It's been Abby being too independent and insisting on getting in her carseat all by herself, and life has been helping us with the yard work. 
 Life lately has been Abby wearing daddy's hat and looking quite cute. So cute in fact, I had to post it even with the bra in the background. It has been Abby playing on her bed taking pictures. Life has been playing Uncle Eriks drums, and digging into an apple. 
Life has been a mothers day card Abby made me in nursery, and treasuring. It's been resting after a walk to the park. Life has been Ammon and Abby fake sleeping, and it's been Abby's life being over because she didn't get something she wanted. 
 Life has been posing for pictures together, and catching her choking me on camera. It's been visiting new baby Remington and not wanting to let him go, and it's been rare but welcomed cuddle time. 
 Life has been Abby using me as a sticker book and being as happy as can be. It's been wanting to sit in the front seat like a big girl. Life has been Abby wanting to sit on an exercise ball like mommy, and it's been weeding with daddy. 
Life has been enjoying the last few months with just one baby girl. It's been Abby pouting, yet again, on her bed and finding it ridiculously funny. Life has been awkwardly following a fellow mom on our walk, and it's been Abby insisting she is a big girl and doesn't need her tray anymore. 
 Life has been Sam having a shadow while he mows. It's been Abby looking cool in her shades and new necklace. Life has been Abby's first Real game, and our first of the season, and Abby being so good during it. (also, we won 3-0. Not bad) And it's been a tea party at Grammy's house. 
 And, life has been a sister and brother in law who are excited to not be having more kids while the rest of us are. It's been Abby enjoying her Creamy, and it's been Abby putting on her new necklace first thing in the morning while watching Sesame Street. She is attached to it. 

I love my life. 


  1. i cant believe shes in a big girl bed! and how much she pouts hahaha landon just screams then when i ignore him he gives up or bites me. i just love this little girl, with her fancy glasses and cute necklace. she is just so fabulous and so big!

  2. I love the mother's day card, that is ADORABLE! Something to treasure forever. And I love the pictures with your siblings and how happy your sister is that she's done. Haha, awesome.