Friday, June 14, 2013

Last Night.

The way I see it every night.
Tonight is my last night of working at the Jordan River Temple until after the baby comes. And really, it couldn't come a moment too soon. Trying to clean around my belly is getting hard, not to mention I am double tired all the time. So, I am going to enjoy these last 10 weeks of not being a zombie mom and soak in every last minute I have with just Abby and Sam. Not to mention get some sleep for a few months until I am up all night with a baby. (sleep between potty breaks and trying to roll over and get comfortable that is.)

When Sam and I first talked about me quitting, it seemed silly. We are going to be poor. I mean really poor. But we are going to be ok. We've budgeted over and over and over again to make sure it's ok, and it will be. We will have to cut back some fun things, but it will be ok. We have prayed like crazy for months, and I never felt like we got a definite "yes, do this." But I knew work was getting harder and harder, so I went ahead and gave my notice, and just prayed that I did the right thing. Then one day in sacrament meeting our Stake President was speaking about revelation. He said something to the effect of you won't always get a definite answer. Sometimes you just have to do it and pray to Heavenly Father that he will stop you if it is wrong. Heavenly Father didn't stop our decision, and I feel so at peace. Sometimes I get nervous, especially when the hospital bills start coming, but I know we will be ok if we are smart with our money.

I worked at the temple doing the night shift (10-2) for about a year and a half. I started when Abby was 3 months old, on October 31st. This shift was hard for me. I REALLY like my sleep. And I REALLY don't like staying up too late. But it worked, because it had to. And it turns out I had a really great time most of the time.
This picture is about a year old. I stole it from Courtney, who quit last June. But you get the idea. 

There are a few things I will really miss about work.

  • The ladies I work with. I was so incredibly shy when I started, and it took me a while to warm up, but they are so wonderful and so fun. Nothing beat late night chatting/therapy sessions. Not to mention things are funnier that late at night, so there was a lot of laughing.
  • Some nights I really loved being in the peace and quiet of the temple and cleaning. I got a lot of answers to my prayers while scrubbing a toilet. Sometimes my mind is clearer when I am doing something with my hands rather than just sitting there waiting for inspiration. 
  • I loved that I could take time out and read my scriptures and pray. It was nice to be able to do those things before I got home from work and got tired and forgot. What a place to do those things right?
  • As much as I missed climbing in bed next to Sam while he was awake, I found some nights I really enjoyed coming home to a quiet house and having a little me quiet time. 
  • I will really miss being in the temple at night. It was really cool being in an empty temple. 
  • And, this sounds dorky, but I will miss going to the temple for a session or whatever and knowing that the night before, I helped make it ready to patrons to come. Although, sometimes it would distract me from the work I was doing, because I would look at a ledge and wonder if it was dusty...
And of course, there are things I really won't miss all that much.
  • Cleaning. I know. I said I would miss it, but I think I will be ok not cleaning a toilet hundreds of people have sat on that day.
  • Going to bed without Sam. I know I sound like I'm contradicting myself, because I did say I enjoyed the alone time, but really, I love going to bed with my husband.
  • Having more free nights. So many times, especially Fridays, we declined doing something because I had to go to work. Now, unless it costs money of course, we are free!! (to a point. I mean, we still have a 2 year old)
  • I won't miss my naps. I hated having to plan my day around my naps. Now if I want to take one, I can. If not, no biggie. 
  • Not being able to put Abby to bed. The nights I have been home, I love that she comes up to me and cuddles til she falls asleep. Now I can do it every night if I want. Although, I think Sam will miss doing that part. 
All in all, its been a great job. And it's not like I'll never see it again. I'll have my Monday nights there after Madalyn is a few months old. But after tonight, it will be a nice long much-needed break.

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  1. this was a really great post. its nice reading something spiritual today. i seriously dont know how you do what you do [must be your superpowers] but im so glad you get some time off. you deserve it!