Wednesday, May 15, 2013

St. George-Part 2

Friday we decided to head to Zion National Park. I for one can't go to St. George and not go to Zion. So, after our once again awful breakfast, we got ready and packed up a picnic lunch and headed out.

Parking there was nuts. Once we finally found a spot, Sam and I ate our lunch, Abby ran around refusing to eat. There was just too much for her to explore. Our picnic was beautiful and sunny.

After lunch, we got on the bus and started to head up to our first hike, Emerald Pools. Abby loved the bus, and kept repeating it over and over again. She was so good on it and kept people entertained with her cuteness.
 It started to drizzle on the bus, but not much. So after a potty break for me (of course) we headed up to Emerald Pools. It's not a terribly hard hike, but there are some steep parts. I had to go a little slow, but for the most part I think this 6 month pregnant gal did great.

 On the way up, the little drizzle of rain that started on the bus got harder and harder. We stopped at the first pool and waited for it to let up a bit.
Yeah, getting quite big.

 When we thought it had let up enough, we started down. However, it got harder and harder. It was pretty fun...for me and Sam anyway. Abby was miserable and eventually fell asleep to make it easier on herself. We were soaked by the time we made it back down to the lodge. Seriously, it was so fun! However, we do wish it would have been closer to when we were about to leave. We spent the rest of the trip pretty cold.
Zonnked out

Soaking wet!

 After letting Abby nap for a bit and letting the pregnant lady rest, we decided to hit the Weeping Rock hike. Its a very short hike, but pretty steep. So beautiful though.

We were going to hit up the River Walk after, but seeing as we were both already wet and cold and Abby (and me truthfully) had had enough, we decided to call it a day and start making our way back.

Like I said, as fun as the rain was, it did put a damper on our Zions trip. I wanted to stay there much longer to get our monies worth. Oh well. Can't win them all.

On the way home we got some sandwiches at Blimpie and went back to the hotel to eat. Sam then to Abby to her beloved park while I stayed in and read. That night after we got some snowcones, once again we just chilled.

The next morning at 7am we were awoken to Abby standing up in her pack-n-play yelling 'mama.' I tried to ignore her, but she just got louder. So I got her in our bed and turned on some cartoons. After our last gross breakfast, we got ready and packed up and checked out.
Abby obviously was sad our vacation was almost over.
On the way home, we stopped at the park one last time so Abby could get her wiggles out. While there, I totally saw another couple that I really wanted to become friends with. I mean, seriously, they were exactly like us. Both Sam and the guy were wearing basketball shorts. The girl and I both had blue on and get this-she was pregnant too. They had a little boy about Abby's age. They even had the same car as us. Alas, we didn't work out. But it would have been cool right?

The perfect couple friends. Maybe they ignored our similarities because they saw how creepy I was being...
Abby was really sad we left the park. She was also really tired and fell asleep even before we got out of St. George. She was a trooper the whole ride home. We only stopped once in Nephi and we only stayed for maybe 15 minutes. She got fussy in Provo, but singing Twinkle Twinkle helped her. She really didn't start to get mad until we got off the freeway for home. What a good little girl we have! Sure, she wasn't very good the rest of the night, but we got the traveling done.

I am really glad we were able to get away even if it was just a few days. I wish everyday could be a vacation, but then I suppose if that was the case it wouldn't be as cool.


  1. It was fun to read about your trip! I'm glad you finally got to get away, I'm glad you were able to make it to Zion's and hike, I'm glad you got to relax, and I'm glad Abby was so good for you. I also loved the preggo pics! You haven't been posting your tummy progress...but maybe because it's taking so long for you to show :)

  2. I love your prego belly! your so cute!! I miss you tons!!!