Sunday, May 12, 2013

Being Mom

I've never been great with kids. They just don't come natural to me. I am not the type of woman that can be 'motherly' to all kids. I've been in primary for about two years, and I still am semi-awkward around them. I like kids very much, I just don't know how to care for other peoples kids. You can imagine my fear I had of becoming a mother.

But then Abby came along, and being a mother was all the sudden the most natural thing in the world to me. Terrifying and hard at times, but natural. All the sudden I had a little human being in my care. My heart grew 3 sizes when she came along and I am pretty sure it grows a little every day.

Abby has been a joy in our life and a light in our home for 21 and a half months now. I can't even express the love I have for her. I now have this little girl I would do anything for. I would protect her with all my might. Anyone who messes with her will have to face my wrath! Sometimes she will just put my face in her little hands and tell me something or give me a kiss and hug and my heart turns into a puddle. When she notices I am crying, she will stop and look at me and then come wipe my tears and comfort me. She gives me beautiful smiles first thing in the morning. She tells me she loves me. She asks for hugs while I am grocery shopping and then I have to walk around hunched over with her arms tightly around my neck. Oh how I love being her mom! Nothing brings me more joy. With baby number 2 coming, I know my heart will just expand even more.

I thank my Heavenly Father everyday for sending her to us. Motherhood truly is a divine calling; a calling I am so blessed to partake of.

I love little Abbigale Mae with all my heart. She is my most favorite little thing in the world, and I love that I am her mama.

Happy Mothers Day!


  1. this is so sweet! i just love our little babies (but not other peoples). i cant wait til madelyn comes!!

  2. I love this post and I agree. Being a mom is the best. Also, you look great in your pic after having Abby! :)

  3. What a sweet post! I love it :). Happy Mother's day to you!! Pretty soon you're gonna have two little ones to fill your time, and will be amazed at how much more your heart expands. Emmy does the same thing with hugs at the grocery store. I love it!! I always think about how jealous everyone else is because they don't have a beautiful little girl hanging around their necks. Hahaha :)