Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Pregnancy Update: We really are having a girl!

Well, it's been a while since I've done a pregnancy update. In fact, I think I've only done 1 maybe two? Anyway, thought it was about time to do one.
28 weeks with Abby

27 weeks with Madi
How far along: I am now 6 months along-27 weeks to be exact. I had my appointment Tuesday and I already start the two week appointments. Blew my mind!

Gender: Officially a GIRL!!! We had a second ultrasound today and it was so fun to see a more developed baby! She was so active, playing with her toes and wiggling. We got a good shot of her profile and I'm pretty sure she has my nose, just like Abby. Can't wait to meet little Madalyn!

Weight gained: I started out really good-losing 8 lbs. Well, I am not as sick as I was with Abby and it has shown. I stayed at only gaining 5 pounds after losing the 8 for so long because I was so sick and now I am up to 16. I personally don't think it's bad or anything, it just shot up really fast!

How I'm feeling: With Abby, I was throwing up at least once a week the WHOLE TIME! With this one, the last time I threw up was over a month ago. I feel pretty decent most of the time, minus the heartburn. I still get nauseous most days, but it doesn't last all day. Usually a nap will help. I am also getting more growing pains this time around, but nothing I can't handle.

Cravings: Although I'm feeling better, food is still enemy number 1. I dislike most meat, especially if I make it. Monday I made chicken nuggets and couldn't even eat them. Gagged hardcore. And anytime we go out to eat it takes me FOREVER to decide what sounds decent. However, I could have a slurpee everyday if it were possible. I love cereal, currently Fruit Loops, and I am a big fan of meat sandwiches. Homemade-not from Subway. I hate Subway.

Funny Moment of the Day: When Sam and I got to the hospital today for the ultrasound, on our way to sit down I, in my famous loud voice, announced to Sam "I got gas." Thankfully, Sam made sure to clarify for the people who overheard my loud voice and said: "in the car?" Only then did I realize what I did. "yes. In the car." Maybe you had to be there, but it was hilarious. Also, When we were back with the ultrasound tech, I told her my bladder was super full. She said that it wasn't so full as there just isn't much room anymore. Sam jokingly "yeah, you don't really have to pee." Apparently the tech was some sort of feminist and thought that was really rude and reprimanded him for not having sympathy for me.

What I'm looking forward to: Summer festivities starting with Memorial Day weekend this weekend! Food (if i can eat it) BBQs, mountains, sleep. Oh and not having to go to work Memorial Day night like I had to last year. I can go home after the days fun and just go to bed. Yay!


  1. yayaya i love this post! you need to do more pregnancy updates. i think you look great! isnt it nice not being so sick? its the bees knees. im so glad you finally got the piece of mind knowing its for sure a girl

  2. Fun post! It's fun to see pictures of you at the same time during your pregnancy :). You just look sooo cute! Makes me want a pregnant belly too. You're funny moment of the day made Tim and I laugh out loud! Hahahahaha, wish I had been there to hear it!

  3. So glad you posted!! I love hearing about your pregnancy... you are so super cute!! I miss you tons!!