Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Memorial Day Weekend

This weekend was really a great one. It's always nice to have long weekends. I always thought when I became a stay at home mom, which now I practically am working only Wed-Fri nights, (I become officially a full time stay at home mom on June 17th!) that the holiday coming to an end would be easy. I was wrong. I always have a hard time the day after such a fun time. However, if everyday were a holiday, it wouldn't make them as great.

Friday night we went and got ourselves a double stroller. We are both so anxious to start using it. 3 more months is all!!!! Saturday was spent weeding, lesson planning, a BBQ at my brothers, and then watching Jack Reacher and starting Arrested Development that night. Sunday was more Arrersted Development and a birthday party BBQ for my niece Emery. She is now 3! Monday was an early morning breakfast up at Storm Mountain with my family, relaxing in the cool mountain air while my nieces and nephew kept Abby entertained, having a delicious BBQ at the same place and then heading home for showers and Wheeler Farm for dinner with Brigham, Kari, Jake, and the kids. It was fantastic.

Abby had so much fun yesterday and was a trooper even though she didn't get a real nap. She was out nice and early (for her) at bedtime. Sam and I were super tired too and zonked out by 11.

Now for some pictures!
Pouting before we left. She is NOT a morning person.

Playing on the Toys

Pouting on the stairs because she didn't want me to come over. Sad right?

We are due about a month apart.

So tired

So dirty
Wheeler Farm

Hope everyone had a great Holiday! And a big thank you to those in the Services, past and present.


  1. CUTE pictures!! Sounds like it was a great weekend :)
    What kind of double stroller did you get? I'm dying to have a jogging stroller but I think I want to get one that has the option to become a double stroller. I only have 1 baby but we will have more kids! If we buy one that has options to become a double, then we won't have to buy ANOTHER one when we have baby #2!

    1. We bought the Graco Odyssey stroller. It's nice because you have eventually have a kid stand on the back, which will be nice for an independent toddler like mine. A jogging stroller that could turn into a double stroller eventually would be so nice! It would save money too and allow you to get a lot out of your stroller. Let me know if you find something like that!

  2. oh my goodness what sass! hahaha i dont like mornings either but landon does. she looks so comfortable in her chair all lazed back. you guys are the cutest, always doing the funnest things. i am quite green. and so fun you and ali are so close together- she looks so different from when i last saw her. you look adorable as always!