Monday, May 21, 2012

They say the first year is the hardest...

I disagree. Our first year of marriage didn't seem very hard. Sure we thought we were poor, (when really we were both working full time jobs, and rent was super cheap) but honestly, adjusting to married life seemed pretty easy for us. I'd say our hardest year of marriage has been our 3rd. And I don't mean that negitivly. The hardships we have been through have helped us grow closer as a couple, more than I ever thought possible. But needless to say, they have still been hard and challenging.

Our first big challenge came when we bought our house. Buying a house is stressful people. It's a huge decision, not to mention more monthly, but we did it and we are so glad we did.

Our second challenge came in the form of a baby, and it wasn't too long after we bought our house that we had Abby. All the sudden, we had a tiny human being at home with us, and had no idea what to do after that. (Ok so it wasn't all the sudden. We did have 40 weeks to prepare.) This tiny human being depended on us for EVERYTHING and it was terrifying. But as terrifying as it was, it was also wonderful.

Not only learning how to be parents was challenging, but poor Sam getting used to my post baby hormones was a ton for him to deal with. I went from laughing to crying in 2 seconds. Not to mention being easily irritated from my lack of sleep.

Our other biggest challenge came with our money situation. We felt it wasn't the best idea to go back to my old job, so we have been making do with what we have with the job I have. I don't make as much, but through praying and fasting, we both feel it is best. It gets stressful to perhaps not have the money we once had, but it is worth it. And struggling together brings us closer.

So yes, our third year has definitely been our hardest, but it has also been the best to date.

Our anniversary was wonderful, and simple. It was Sams turn to plan, and he knew it would make me so happy to go to Olive Garden, so that is what we did. After that, we walked around Target, getting ideas for our house, and then went to Sub Zero for dessert and sat outside talking forever. It was simple and perfect.
At Olive Garden

My homemade necklace.

Sub Zero

One handsome man

It was a wonderful day honey. Thanks for an amazing third year. Can't wait to see what we have in store for the 4th.


  1. happy 3 years!!! i agree, the first year was the best, not the hardest. congrats!!

  2. Happy Anniversary! I love that you guys have a similar story as Tim and me :). I love that we both waited for our missionaries! I would say halfway into our fourth and most of our fifth years of marriage were our greatest struggle. Only because we were SO poor! But it's fun to get creative with things you do as a couple. You're only helps to strengthen the relationship and the love you have for one another. Here's to eternity you two! Love you both :)