Tuesday, May 15, 2012

3 Years and Counting...

                     This is the first blog I have ever done and I just wanted to express to Caitlin how much I love her!

This was us three years ago on our wedding day. I can't believe it is already three years. We have had so many fun and exciting experiences. You are my best friend, the best wife and the best mother!

These past three years have been the best time of my life! I really love who you are and how you make me feel each day! I love everything about you!! You are beautiful! Happy Anniversary Caitlin! I Love You!



  1. oh samsters how cute!! happy anniversary!!

  2. Best. Husband. Ever. I love you so much! You really made my day.

  3. Cute husband post! That is so sweet, and happy happy anniversary to you guys!

  4. We went to the temple on Wednesday and did sealings, and I kept thinking about you guys and how you had gotten married three years ago and we watched you guys be sealed for all eternity :). What a sweet post Sammy wrote! Happy Anniversary! I can't wait to hear what you guys did!