Tuesday, May 22, 2012

The Spider and the Girl

As most of you know, I hate, hate, HATE spiders. Whenever I see one, I freeze while chills run up and down my body. If Sam is home, I scream for him to kill it. If he isn't home, I usually trap it under a plastic bowl or cup, so he can take care of it when he gets home. Yep, that is how I did things around these parts.

That was, until I became a mother.

Now my friend is Pine-sol.

I see a spider, and especially if its one that will harm my baby, I douse it with Pine-sol until it's a crinkly disgusting ball of legs. But I still usually hide the body under a  bowl until Sam comes home. But now that Abby can crawl and puts EVERYTHING into her mouth, that had to change as well.

So today, things changed. There I was, feeding Abby her rice cereal with strawberries and apples, when I see a yellow, 8- legged creature rearing its ugly head right by my daughters arm. Right on her high chair. I immediately drop the spoon full of said meal, and blow the spider away from her. Then, quickly marching off to get the Pine-sol, I mumble in the words of Mrs. Weasly, "not my daughter you...spider" and spray the crap out of that spider until it dropped from her seat into a puddle of the Pine-sol. Then, to not let it get the best of me, (and to make sure I didn't later see Abby with a spider leg hanging from her mouth-shudder shudder) I scooped up the spider into a dust pan, and walked, trying not to spasm too much, to the toilet, dumped the spider in and flushed it away, victorious.

Caitlin: 2 Spider: 0.

So a word of warning to you other creepy, crawly, disgusting, 8-legged, many-eyed creatures, I will get you. Come within feet of my daughter and my mother-ire will shoot up, and I will kill you. You have been warned.

And not to worry. Sam is scheduling an appointment with someone to come spray our house as I write. (well I texted him to anyway. Hopefully he is.) And if that doesn't work, I'll buy a basilisk.

Spider free is the way to be.


  1. hhhhhaahahaa 'not my daughter you...spider!' lol

  2. Becoming a mom changes a lot of things...apparently even spider-killing :) I'm glad Abby hasn't been found eating any spiders and good for you for killing and discarding one all by yourself!

  3. I've said it before...I'll say it again...when Tim and I create worlds, there will be NO spiders! I had to kill one the other day because Emmy freaked out when she saw it and wouldn't stop screaming and saying "No like it! No like it!". So much for raising a spider killer to deal with all the spiders in the house so that I wouldn't have to when Tim isn't home. I'm very proud of you :). I can always guarantee spider dreams when I've had to kill one all by myself. You'll love getting your house sprayed too! Just stay up on it. We get it done every four months religiously. It's made all the difference in the world...and I always know right about when they'll be calling to schedule an appointment because we'll find a spider or two lurking about our lovely abode. Stupid spiders.