Thursday, May 24, 2012

Guess What?

Monkey's Butt!!
Abby is now in the double digits: 10 months old! In the past 10 months, Abby has accumulated a bunch of nicknames. Here are a few of our favorites:
The Abbinator
Snuggle Bums
Bitty Bums
Bits n' fits
She has had many more, but those are the ones that we keep using. A girl as cute as her can't just be called Abbigale. She needs many names. 

So now for her 10 month update. I'm going to steal the format of my Bff8's baby update. I just really like it. And I should have started doing it like...10 months ago.

Poundage: Abby is a whole 18 lbs. At her 9 month appointment, weighing 17, her doctor said he wasn't worried about her weight or anything, but maybe a little fattening up wouldn't be so bad. So that is what we have been doing. And she has already gained a pound. (we think)
Abby loves graham crackers and watching TV, but hates pureed meats.
Food she is eating: We are feeding her more baby meats, and she is just now realizing how disgusting they are, so I've been breaking up lunch meat or chicken into bite-size pieces. She also loves her finger foods: puffs, Cheerio's, cut up grapes, graham crackers, dried yogurt bites, all those things. She also loves string cheese and yogurt.  I can't believe she is eating more human food!
Downward dog, clapping with daddy, and just being adorable.
What Abby can do: It seems like all the sudden this 10th month she really learned tons of new things. She can crawl, clap, clap our hands, play patty cake, wave bye bye, (although that is still being worked on) she can feed herself better, can walk along furniture, and does a great downward dog. (she sure does love coming to yoga with me). And she is a pro at getting into things now that she is mobile.

Oh. And she learned to climb the stairs.

Ya. We be in trouble.

What we are working on: Drinking from a sippy cup and straw, balancing without furniture, growing more teeth, and learning what 'no' means, (she just grins at me when I tell her no)
Dancing, crossing her cute feet on a walk, and forgetting her bottle to watch daddy play football
Her favorite things: Eating her shoes, babbling, dancing with daddy, walks, and watching tv.
We had a food fight. And she won.
What Abby hates: Pureed meats. Hates, hates, hates. Don't blame her.

How mommy's doing: Awesome. I love being home with Abby all day long. I love watching her learn new things, and I love how satisfied I am with life. Being a mama is great.

What we're looking forward to: Lunch with daddy and grammy tomorrow downtown, and Memorial Day weekend! Yard work, BBQ's, mountains, and lots and lots of food and family!!

Thanks Mel, for letting me borrow this!!

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  1. hhhahah love the title! and love that little girl- she is so talented. stairs AND clapping?! and you are free to copy kittty me anytime! i feel so cool