Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Memorial Weekend

This weekend was so much fun! It is so hard getting back into the grind today. I just don't want to clean my house. But every good thing must come to an end, right?

Highlights of this weekend.

  • Lunch on Friday with Grammy and daddy. Chic Filet always makes me happy.
  • A birthday party for my cute 2 year old niece, Emery. Good food, family, and fun.
  •  Sitting in our PJ's in watching Netflix Saturday morning til about 1:00
  • Family date night at Applebees
  • BBQ with the family Sunday
  • Early morning breakfast with the Family Monday, along with a late lunch. (another BBQ)

  •  Another yummy BBQ with my in-laws that night!

 Lowlights of this weekend.

  • Abby deciding she doesn't like food. She has learned how to push it away and spit it out. And not finish her bottles.
  • Abby falling and bonking her head on more than one occasion
  • Having to work last night after such a fantastic weekend
  • Not doing a lick of house or yard which makes my day even more busy. (worth it)
  • Most likely gaining 10 pounds because I ate my face off all. weekend. long. And because of that, being quite sick by last night.
But hey, despite the setbacks of this weekend, it was fantastic. And let the summer, and more BBQ's, begin.


  1. that last pic is a super great pic of you guys!! her smile on the slide and in the floppy hat!! i just love seeing that pretty little girl

  2. Ah, my classic fixing my shirt picture. It was a fantastic memorial day weekend. I'm glad you guys came by to our broken bbq even though you were tired and couldn't stay long! And we should go to storm mountain. That is my family's favorite place ever and I LOVE it there.