Friday, January 6, 2012

Here's to happiness dos.

Last Sunday, a member of the bishopric gave a talk about happiness. In it he told a story about a young man. The young man kept saying when things would happen, then he would be happy. Things like "the MTC is hard. When I'm out in the field, then I'll be happy." "Here I am in the field. When I'm a trainer, I'll be happy" and so on and so forth.

I realized that too often I do this to myself. When I lose some weight, then I'll be happy. When we have more money, then I'll be happy. When I can be a stay at home mom, then I'll be happy. But the truth is, unless I'm happy right now, whose to say I'll be happy then? Now I'm not saying I'm an unhappy person, but I do tend to want things I don't have.

Remember when I wrote this segment about happiness? Well I figured it was time to do another one. So here you have it: Ten things that make me terribly happy.
Jess, Jess, Mel, Tif, and Erika
  1. Our Lord Of The Rings marathon. Nothing (except Harry Potter) brings out the nerd in me more.
  2. The fact that being a nerd now-days is actually pretty cool.
  3. Our beautiful wood floors we have in our house.
  4. Hot showers taken when Sam is home so I don't have to worry about Abby.
  5. I get to see all my best friends from college a week from today!
  6. My new elastic-waisted fat jeans that are actually skinny jeans. Yes. Elastic waist.
  7. My new hot boots husband picked out. And my new hot slipper boots
  8. Wearing my good old reliable green ninja turtle sweats up as high as they'll go.
  9. Sams smoken hot beard. (that sadly he has to shave tonight)
  10. Crazy baby Abby eyes as she plays with her toy.


  1. all of these things make me extremely happy too! except sams beard- lets be honest, it kinda creeps me out. and you TOTALLY rock those boots- they are so sexy but not nearly as sexy as the TMNT pants

  2. What a great post :). I need to remind myself way more often than I do about how good I have it! Oh...and you do look pretty much amazing in those boots. Sammy did a pretty spectacular job picking those out! :)