Tuesday, January 24, 2012

6 Month Abby Mae

Holy Canolei! My little baby girl is already half a year! This is a huge marker to me. This past 6 months of motherhood has flown. I swear I just brought her home, and now she learns something new every day.

Abby loves to grab at things, especially faces. Particularly when she is falling asleep or eating. When I lay down with her to take naps, her little hand just grabs my face as she falls asleep. I love it. Even when Her nails dig into my face. It makes me smile. Also, she loves to sit on the counter in her bumbo while I cook/clean the kitchen. As she sits there, she is constantly grabbing anything and everything within her reach.

Abby can roll over...even if she doesn't do it much. In fact, I've only witnessed it a handful of times. When I put her in tummy time, she is fine for a little bit but then when she gets tired of it she will just cry and give up my burring her face into the floor.
Attempting to roll over, then giving up.
Abby can now sit up very well. I however, will line her spot with pillows seeing as now we have hard wood floor and when she falls down, it really doesn't feel good I'm sure. (I think its the crying that gives it away) But she loves to sit up and play with all her toys.

She also loves her bouncy toy. Best buy I've ever done. A gal in my sisters ward was selling it and I bought it for $15 bucks. She used to not be so sure about it, but now that she can touch the ground and jump around, she loves it and will sit in it for so long; I can actually get stuff done!

Abby is also constantly talking and cooing. She talked me right to sleep today and eventually fell asleep herself. She is also laughing easier. She used to be a good smiler, but was hard to make her giggle. Now she is always giggling at us. She is finally realizing what a dork her parents are. She hates wearing shoes, but loves to chew on them, (threw her first taker-her-out-in-the-hall-type fit Sunday when I tried to take away said shoe). She doesn't mind baths, unless they are in the big bath tub without sitting in her little one. She will whimper the whole time I give her one. And unfortunately for her mommy and daddy, Abby still likes to party in the middle of the night. Like last night. Mostly though she sleeps really well, so I can't complain. And speaking of sleeping, it looks like she takes after my side of the family, much to Sam's dismay. That's right, she also sleeps better with a fan. Yesterday after I woke up from our nap, I didn't turn off the fan and she slept for another hour and a half. When I did go in to turn it off, she was awake within two minutes. Looks like we'll have to purchase a fan for her room.

She also gives hugs and kisses-I swear. The best feeling in the world is when I'll pick her up from my sisters and she is so happy to see me. I'll pick her up and she wraps her arms around my neck and puts her mouth on my face. Perhaps she is just trying to taste me, but I swear they are kisses!
Just some snapshots of her on Saturday
Abby likes most the new foods I've been trying, minus green beans. She's tried carrots, peas, sweet potatoes, squash, and on her half birthday she first tried bananas, and now she has also tried Applesauce. She also has her daddy's morning eating habbits. It's really hard to eat her in the morning, unless it's nursing. But she will ALWAYS gag on her cereal, no matter how thin, and is constantly getting distracted. She definitively eats better at about 11 and later.

Lastly, Abby experienced her first real snow storm and I think that she loved it!
Oh little Abby, You make me the happiest mommy on the planet. I'm so glad you're mine forever! But please, stop growing!


  1. Happy Half Birthday to Abby! What a character! I didn't know a lot of the stuff about her and it was fun reading it. I know how you feel about her not wanting her to grow but loving it all the same. The paradox of motherhood I tell you. Anyways, I love the snowstorm pictures, it looks fun!

  2. i just love that little princess sssoooo much!!! her hugs and kisses must be the best, she just makes me smile. happy half birthday pretty girl!!

  3. Top three things that I love about this post...
    1. Abby is wearing her outfit that is the exact same as the one Emmy has! We need to get them together at the same time in them so that they can be super cute twins separated by a year and a couple months :)
    2. Abby is wearing an outfit that Emmy had at the exact same age time frame! It makes me miss her being so small...but Abby looks so cute in it!
    3. Abby is playing with the toys her Auntie Ash and Uncle Tim gave her for Christmas! I just love it! I'm glad she likes them too...Emmy still plays with those!
    I can't believe she is six months old! That really has gone by fast. She is so adorable. I'm so glad she's my niece :)