Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Oh What a Night

Sunday night was the night of nights. My friends from SUU came over to our house for a GNI. Well a GNI plus Sam and Landon of course; the thorns amongst the roses. I haven't seen most these girls for probably about 2 years, maybe more. Which is a shame seeing as everyone, except Mel, live close by. It was so much fun seeing everyone, seeing how they have all changed: careers, different hair styles, new phones (of which I am particularly jealous) babies. We've all come a long way since our days at Stadium way. Apts 28 and 29 were the best. It just seemed like yesterday when we all gathered in one of our apartments and made Sunday dinner together before heading off to a fireside.

 I made some homemade pizza and everyone brought a little something to share. We just spent all night passing around the babies, talking, and eating.

 Abby particularly enjoyed flirting with Landon. Despite having a shy mama, that girl knows how to use her womanly ways.

Landon isn't used to such flirting.
And then...

How can Abby help herself? I mean, do you see how handsome Landon is?

And just because it's fun...
There's no doubt and there's no maybe

The two of us finally had our babies!


  1. Sounds like you had lots of fun. Especially putting your two babies together :) I'm glad you got a girls night and your house looks good. At first I didn't even recognize where you guys were at!

  2. ohemgee your captions are hilarious!!! it was the best nigght- and im glad your pics are up so i can relive it