Friday, January 20, 2012

Things That Must Go: Walmart Edition

My favorite morning radio show has a segment every Wednesday called "Things That Must Go." Today, although it has been quite a nice day, has had a few annoying things happen, particularly at Walmart. Really who is surprised though, it's Walmart right?

So here is my list of Things That Must Go: Walmart Edition.

  1. The bumpy entrance walking into Walmart. Abby typically falls asleep on the drive over, and I prefer to keep her that way while I'm shopping. The bumping on the way in shakes her up and wakes her up. Every. Single. Time.
  2. When leaving an isle, you have to stop and look both ways or else you'll get run into by other carts. 
  3. The narrow isles make it so its hard to pass people. Perhaps Walmart needs traffic lights?
  4. The cute $5 jeggins I found in the baby department were 12 months and up. Sure, she will eventually fit into them, but I'd prefer her in them now.
  5. The fact that I pick the wrong checkout line 9 times out of 10. Either the cashier is super slow, the customer has tons of coupons, or they are both idiots. 
  6. The cart returns. Really? Can't you have more? No wonder people leave their carts everywhere, because there are no cart returns near your car. 
  7. The produce bags. Again, like with the cart returns, they don't have enough. Today I wanted peppers, but there weren't any bags by the peppers.
  8. The fact it makes me grumpy to go there, but I'll never stop because it's so affordable. 
And other little tidbits that must go today, that aren't related to Walmart, but just happen to bug me.
  • Our missing Netflix DVD that we've had for a month and haven't watched. I swear I put it on the TV stand and it isn't there.
  • My new flat iron, that is broken. I love the thing. Never before has my hair been so straight in such a short amount of time. And now it won't heat up. Thank goodness for a warranty.
  • The fact that pay day isn't till next week. And we are poor.
  • Related to the flat iron, my frizzy hair.
There you have it. My long-winded list of Things That Must Go.

Happy Friday!


  1. ohemgee i HATE those bumpy things too on the sidewalk! they're the WORST! you should have also put in the people who don't know how to dress themselves or cover up their body parts properly and also people who go in 10 or under lines but def have more hten 10- that happened to me today

  2. Walmart is the worst and yet I'm there a lot of the time too. Besides the checking out drama, I think my least favorite thing is that it's so big I immediately feel overwhelmed and panicked to get everything I need before I forget something and I ALWAYS forget something I'm supposed to get because I'm too busy panicking or being distracted by something else.
    I also can't seem to leave without spending at least thirty dollars. Even when I only need to pick up three small things. I don't know what happens but somehow I always spend all our money in one trip.

    And sorry to hear about your straightener. I hope with your warranty you can get it fixed soon!