Sunday, October 16, 2011

Here's to Happiness

So...this past week has been a little hard. Not like terribly hard I'm constantly near tears type of hard, just the type where you think "ok, what next." Needless to say, we have been a little down in the dumps this week.

I follow blog stalk this blog (one of my most favorite blogs to stalk) and she does a Here's to Happiness segment a few times. I figure, what gets you out of gloomy situations more than talking about the good things in life right?

So here is my list of ten things that make me terribly happy!

  1. Beautiful fall colors on a Saturday morning hike
  2. Smiles from Abby first thing in the morning
  3. Blasting "Party in the USA" in the car and dancing to it with Sam
  4. Ice cream and brownies for dessert
  5. Snuggling down and watching Hocus Pocus as a family
  6. The adorable Sunbeams in my ward
  7. The sound of Abby's cooing and kicking legs
  8. Making friends with other mommies
  9. A much needed lunch with my big sister
  10. Of course, what makes me the most happy is knowing I get these two forever!


  1. oh my gosh that pic is adorable!! i just love my little absters!! you forgot to add some things
    -themed socks
    -balls of yarn
    -quoting hp
    im sorry youve been kinda gloomy- motherhood and working and wifeing are no easy tasks but you are my example! ive been so frustrated lately but then i think, hey- caitlin never complained when abby was this age. in fact, she wrote me back all the time in emails. so heres to my pretty best friend and her silly socks- love you!

    ps- i will ALWAYS think of party in the USA as sam's song- ALWAYS- haaaaa

  2. :( I'm sorry things have been frustrating lately. I hope I can help instead of add to the frustration.

    How good of you to think positive though and you have a pretty awesome list. I also love the picture of Sam and baby Abby.

    Let me know if there's anything we can do to help you out or just call to vent or anything!

  3. I hate the weeks that are hard to get through because it seems like everything is going wrong. Don't worry...things will look up soon. No matter what, you have Sammy, Abby, your family, our family...and we all love you a lot!

    The picture in the canyon in super gorgeous and I love the one of Sammy and Abby.

    I loved the idea of this post! I may just have to copy you on it someday... :)