Saturday, October 22, 2011

The Third Month

Dear Abby,
You are now 3 whole months! It has come by so quickly. I remember when I was pregnant with you and I had 3 months left it seemed like an eternity. And now you're already 3 months! Time has flown by.

You are getting cuter and cuter by the day! Your daddy and I can't get enough of you!! Your smiles are getting bigger, and I swear you are even starting to laugh when you get really excited. And boy, you're turning into a little jabber box. Sometimes when we are driving, we'll turn down the music and just listen to you talking to who knows what. You're just adorable.

You're also becoming more aware of your surroundings. I'll put toys on your bouncer that you'll stare contently at, and even get excited and coo at them. You're also starting to look at the books I read you more and when I put you in front of the TV and turn on "Wonder Pets," you just stare at it. You also love hanging out with your cousins. I mean, this picture is proof enough!

I'm afraid you have your mama's arms. You like to grab things and your arm will twist so it looks broken. But it's not. (obviously). You also love to suck on your fists. I love the sucking sound you make on those tiny chubby fists of yours.

One of my most favorite things you've started doing is what I call your 'Cabbage Patch Face.' You suck in your cute bottom lip and it makes you look like a Cabbage Patch doll. 
I mean, how is this not cute?

I've said this before, and I'll say it again: we love you so much Abby. Your daddy and I seem to never talk about anything else but you. We are so glad we have you forever, because this life time just wouldn't be enough.


PS. You REALLY hate tummy time, and here is a picture to prove just how mad you were at me when I made you do it.


  1. hhhahahaa i love that pissed face and her cabbage patch lips!!! landon sucks in his bottom lip all the time- just the cutest kids we have. just think how cute THEIR babies will be when they get married

  2. Happy 3 months Abby! Love the pictures :)

  3. LOVE this post! She is so adorable. I wish I got to snuggle her more :). I can't believe you guys have been parents for three months! It's like you were made to be a mommy and a daddy. Her faces are so stinkin' cute!