Sunday, December 11, 2011

Two and Three

Abby joined us on our second and third dates of Christmas.

On our Second Date of Christmas, we attended our ward party. It was weird though because the last time I ate in that gym (and if i remember right, had the same meal of ham and funeral potatoes) was for my grandmas funeral almost a year ago. The tables were even set up the same. It was really weird. Once I got over that though, we enjoyed the food and the company. Abby was asleep for the first part of it, but as soon as she woke up, she was hamming it up for all of my grandmas old friends. They all adore her and I know my grandma would have loved showing her off if she were still here today. And because Abby has my nose, which was my grandmas nose, Brother Coon from my ward calls Abby Betty instead. It works.

Our Third Date of Christmas took place tonight. After a delicious dinner of sweet and sour chicken and fried rice (which I'll blog about later) we bundled up and headed to Temple Square to see the lights: a perfect Sunday evening date. Abby again was asleep for the first part of it and woke up very grumpy, but soon enjoyed looking at the lights. Sam and I love being downtown and miss living there so much. We showed Abby all the hot-spots (well some of them anyway) including our last apartment. (she was a big part in that apartment after all.) It was such a fun night, even if I was a little over-paranoid about Abby being too cold and feeling like a terrible mom when I saw other babies in warm fuzzy body suits and Abby just had layers of clothes and lots of blankets. She did have the fuzzy warm hat though.
Sam and I were talking about being newlyweds today. We both kind of miss it. I miss it mostly because we could be disgustingly cute and nobody can say boo, because that is what newlyweds do. And our first year of marriage was totally awesome. But really, I think our third year has topped it. It's harder to just get out and go somewhere seeing as a paranoid prepared mommy has to pack everything under the sun, just in case, but Abby was the best decision we ever made.

9 more dates!


  1. Fun! We've been trying to figure out when to go see the lights before we leave and I never would have thought to go on a Sunday night! That's a great idea.

    And I'm excited to hear about that delicious-sounding meal!

  2. I think it's so fun you guys are doing that! only have two weeks left before you better get on top of those nine dates! I'm excited to see what you did for your nights out together :). Tim and I have been talking about going to see the lights...we're gonna have to jump on the band wagon there!

    I love the pictures of Abby as always. She is so beautiful! What a sweet little face she has :)