Saturday, December 24, 2011

Dear Abby,

Happy 5 months baby girl! You're getting to be so much fun! Since you were born, I was most excited for this stage. And even though you were basically sick your whole 4th month with croup then a cold, you're still a very happy baby!

At 5 months, you jabber a lot. You're also starting to giggle and those two sounds are the cutest sounds in the world! Daddy and I can't get enough of them. You are also interacting with us so much. You follow us around as we walk, and you get so excited to see us when we get you from your crib! You still love getting your diaper changed. In fact, that is what has makes you giggle the most, when your feet hit your face. (well that and mommy dancing to Baby) You are starting to love your toys more and you can sit up by yourself for a few seconds. You also love eating your rice cereal and still get upset in tummy time.

Thanks for being a cute daughter Abbigale.Can't wait to spend Christmas with you this weekend! Love you!

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  1. Sam, what are you talking about there in the background? Sounds a little strange "mmm so good"