Monday, November 21, 2011

4 Months

Dear Abby,

 You are now a 4 month old! Where did the time go? Time is just flying so quickly. You had your first bowl of cereal last night, and you were not a big fan of it. Perhaps it was because it was 10:00 at night and you were super tired/hungry, but boy it was hard feeding you. Harder than I thought it would be. And messier too...especially since you kicked the bowl right out of my hand! Tonight, I think I'll keep you in your diaper and feed you earlier in the evening, because let me assure you girlfriend, this eating solids thing is awesome! (shame you have to eat disgusting food for a while before you get to the really yummy stuff)

You are getting such a personality! You smile so easily and coo so much. My favorite thing in the world is when you wake up in the morning and instead of crying, you just sit there talking. I could lay in bed forever listening to you.

At 4 months you are giggling. (even though it's just been once or twice, it will get more. Because you have a funny mama) The first time you did a real giggle was when mama was dancing to 'Baby' by Justin Bieber. You also LOVE you Bumbo, especially sitting on the counter while mommy cooks. I think the two biggest changes this month is one, you love your feet. You are always grabbing at them and playing with them and much to my dismay, pulling your socks off. The second biggest change is you're becoming aware of yourself in the mirror. Sure, you probably don't realize it's you, but you can't help but give a big huge grin to the other baby in the mirror. You also love to stand. I can barley burp you without you wanting to stand.

Boy, I sure do think your cute. Love you!!



  1. I can't believe she's four months! Time is flying by! She's adorable of course and I have to admit I think it's pretty funny she kicked the cereal out of your hands. :)

  2. She really is so dang cute. I just love how petite she is! She's going to be such a dainty, girly girl :). I just love it!

    Solids with Emmy didn't go very well either. It was A LOT harder than I ever imagined it would be. Emmy was a disaster after the entire event. Luckily...she was just in her diaper our first time. Hopefully her next experience will be a little bit better...although, it takes awhile before you both get the hang of it!

    I just love her :). I smile thinking about it!

  3. oh my gosh all of those pics just make me want to lick her!! she is seriously the prettiest baby!! and im with her, tell her that food is the i know boobs are awesome and all but she neats to hurry up, get throguh the nasty baby food to reach the zingers