Thursday, November 10, 2011

10 Little Things About Me. Just 'Cause.

So, I know many of you that read this blog know me. I also know (and hope a little) that some of you don't know me at all. :) Either way, it's the little things that maybe even those that know me don't know about, so without further adieu, here is my list of 10 little things about me!
  1. I do a killer Yoda impression. Also, I frequently call him "Yoga."
  2. I want to be chased. Like running-through-a-forest-being-chased-by-something-scary chased. Just for fun. Not for reals. Like...maybe I can be put in a part in a movie where I can do that?
  3. I have a wild imagination. Someday, I really hope I can write a book. So long as it's not about a boy named Edward Potter who is a wizard that got bit by a vampire and has to find the Mortal Instruments to save his girlfriend from curse that makes her stay a tiger, meanwhile having to hide out in a cave away from body snatching aliens that have invaded earth, but the cave isn't a great place to live seeing as the President of the cave, Tom R. Snow, makes everyone play a game and fight to the death until there is one tribute left. Or maybe that would work.
  4. Speaking of imagination, I may or may not have played barbies late into my life. But I won't say when I stopped playing them. Or if I even have. Lets just say, I am excited for Abby to start to play with barbies. 
  5. I am constantly singing the silliest songs to Abby and Sam. I also tend to write awesome poems. Unless I'm put on the spot, then I fail miserably.
  6. I like to clean toilets. I just love making a dirty gross toilet sparkly clean! 
  7. I used to match my underwear with my shirts, and I was a teeny bit bummed when I no longer could do that.
  8.  I collected trolls as a kid. I named each of them, fed them, and taught them school. See, there is my imagination running wild again.
  9. Whenever I hear a song, I just want to make up a dance to it. But then little Miss Negativity creeps in my head and tells me I can't do it. Shame on you Negs.
  10. I was probably the only person who didn't read the 7th Harry Potter in a matter of days. No, I stretched it out for two whole weeks. I was in denial about it ending, and wanted to stretch it out as long as I could. Now that is a true fan. :)
There you have it. 10 little things maybe you didn't know about me. Maybe you did. Also, did you know I have the cutest baby girl? No? Well, see for yourself.

Love, Caitlin


  1. #1- i look forward to your posts like i await anxiously for slurpess
    #2- i knew 6 of this which makes me so proud
    #3- i didn't know 4 of these which makes me wish i could live in your basement like smeigel and hoard that scary door-troll like he does the ring
    #4- you are my best friend and are the funniest

  2. I am sad to say that I didn't know most of these things about you! I did know however what an amazing imagination you have. It always makes me giggle :). Although sometimes I find myself wondering if you're really imagining it or if you're just delusional and think that the things you are are really true...and in those times I seriously consider admitting you, but I know Sammy would be mad at me so I don't. (hahaha, just kidding! I promise!)

    I love getting to know my sister even better! It makes me happy!

  3. Fun post! I knew only half of those things. But at least it's something :) I also sing silly songs to my family all the time - and they usually drive Brigham nuts. Just ask about the Oscar Meyer bologna song, haha.

    And don't let "Negs" get to you. Dance away! :)