Friday, November 4, 2011

10 Halloweens

Ever since Halloween of 2001, this Holiday has held a special place in my heart. I remember the night as if it were yesterday. I was dressed like...well a freak. Sam was an Aquabat? (ok so I don't know every detail apparently) My nails were painted black and after much persuasion from our friend Terra, Sam picked up my hand, told me he liked my nail polish, and didn't let it go. We had our first kiss a few weeks later. We never had the 'are we officially bf/gf' talk, but we both consider that Halloween night, the night we became just that. And the rest is history.

But I can't end on that note, so here is a small portion of the history of us, these past 10 years.
  • We've had our first kiss on his doorstep
  • We broke up twice
  • I convinced myself I didn't really like him. Or I tried to convince myself anyway. (didn't work. Obviously)
  • We fell in love all over again. Twice
  • Had two more first kisses.
  • Had so many different fun dates. (back in the day where money wasn't an issue.)
  • Went on some fun trips ie: St. George and Camping (don't worry. My family was there!)
  • Spent two long years away from each other while he went on a mission and I went to SUU
  • Finished a super long LDR while he lived up here and I finished up at SUU, seeing each other as many weekends as we could
  • Became engaged 
  • Got married, and have been for two and a half years
  • Bought our first car together
  • Bought a house
  • And the best thing we've done in these past ten years? Have the most pretty baby girl ever.
Sam and I were talking, and we just can't believe how far we've come. All because of that picture I took of him. All because I wasn't shy at all when I met him. All because we became best friends. All because he found my number and called me. All because he was brave enough to hold my hand. All because he didn't give up on me when I was at my most stubborn. All because two people fell in love. I love you Sam Tappana. I am so glad we have eternity together. You. Complete. Me. :)

And now enjoy these pictures from Halloween's past. (sure wish I had a pic from all ten years. Especially the first one)
2004, not quite sure what we were.

2005, Mario and Princess Peach

2008, post mission Sonny and Cher

2009, First married Halloween. Nerds.

2010 pre Abby Halloween. (I was prego though) Barbie and Ken

2011 Popeye and Olive Oil

Life just keeps getting better and better.


  1. oh this is so cute!! how fune, ive known you thru most of those pics xcept the mario one. and sam totally looks like tim in the first pic

  2. So sweet :) What a fun holiday to remember so much by! I love the pictures of you guys at Halloween throughout the years and I love your love story too!

  3. What a cute post! I think my favorite picture is of you and Sammy as Sonny and Cher. Hahahah, LOVE it! You guys should definitely do that one in the future. That's the most hair I've ever seen Sammy have (hehehehe...couldn't help myself)
    I love your guys story. It's almost as good as ours...almost. :)