Wednesday, November 24, 2010

As if I'm not enough of a freak, lets add a Tiara!!

A classic quote from a classic Anne Hathaway in The Princess Diaries. However, I'm not here to talk about how Mia was that freak. I am here to talk about her movie beau Michael Moscovitz, or as he is known in real life and in the band Rooney Robert Schwartzman. Did I know this before? No. No I did not. I learned of this this past weekend when Sam and I ventured to Vegas to see the best friends and go see Rooney at the Hard Rock Cafe. (well actually I knew about Robert earlier when my friend told me to go to Vegas)

So, this past Saturday at 5:30 in the AM, Sam and I pulled ourselves out of bed and ventured down to Vegas. Fun Fact: There is no McDonalds from about Payson maybe to Beaver. Lame? Yes. So we didn't get breakfast till Beaver then stopped in Cedar to pick up one young Jessica Freespirit Stoneman on our way to Vegas. When we got to Vegas and had our slow motion reunion. Then we went and got our food on at Heidi's, Mel's favorite sandwich joint, then Sam went with Mel's husband Justin to a UNLV game and us lucky ladies went and saw Harry Potter (still awesome the second time) then after we headed over to the Hard Rock Cafe (after trying two other places) to begin our show!

There were three opening bands, then Rooney. Now I must admit, I was sorta the wet blanket of this shindig. I was exhausted from waking up at 5:30 to travel and I was (and still am) recovering from a nasty cold. But although it may not have seemed like it, I thoroughly enjoyed 2 of the three opening bands and of course Rooney! I hadn't heard much of them before. I know my sister in law Kari loves them, and I listened to the Rooney Pandora station so I knew they were good. I do wish I would have listened to the station more then I did though so I could sing along to the music like the woman, AKA future Jess, who brought her teenage kids and rocked out like no other. Or like Jess and Mel. (like I said, I was a wet blanket) But I really did enjoy them so much! It was a great GNO!

Sunday mourning (yes spelled that way on purpose, seeing as it was the day of our departure) we got up and Mel fixed us a yummy breakfast of waffles, hash browns, and bacon then we went to her sacrament meeting. After, she was nice enough to pack us a to go lunch!

On the way home we knew there were storms the night before, but our family said the conditions looked fair. And they were...till Beaver. We left sunny Vegas and as we got closer to Cedar, it started to darken. We dropped off Jess and continued driving and then we saw a dark cloud coming our way and bam! We hit terrible weather! It wasn't too scary driving because there weren't many people on the roads at that point and Sam is a good driver in the snow. But then as we hit the canyon just outside of Beaver, the traffic and cars started to thicken and by the time we reached Beaver, we were being forced off the freeway. So there we were, stuck in the Beav for the night. At first we were worried, especially because we went to two hotels that had no vacancy till we found some at the Beaver Lodge. I was thrilled to be staying at that place named after it's town and it was a fun unexpected extension of our weekend. We got the hotel in just enough time too! We left to get something to eat and came back and the hotel was full. Lucky us!
We had to get up at 5:30 again Monday morning to get to work as early as possible, but it was a great night. Nothing was on TV, but we were able to just talk and goof off and grow even closer together. The terrible storm that kept us in Beaver ended up being one of the funnest nights we have spent together!


  1. oh how cute!!!! i esp love the grumpy face about beaver- and stones drunk pic with us- hahaaa!!! it was a sunday to be mourned...

  2. I do love Rooney :) Was Tally Hall an opener for them? Sometimes I wish I'd get stranded so I wouldn't have to go home from vacation. Sounds so fun and when Brigham said you were stuck, I was JEALOUS. I know I should have been concerned, but I'm rude like that I guess.