Friday, December 10, 2010

Eating Fresh

I am the type of gal who when going to a out to eat, I get certain meals at the certain restraunt. At Applebees I get the oriental chicken wrap, at Wendy's I get the chicken nuggets or the spicy chicken sandwich, at Magic Wok I get the sweet and sour chicken and ham fried rice, and at Panda Express I get orange chicken, mandrine chicken, and chow mein.

And Subway I usually get a turkey sandwich, on parm oregano bread. Until recently.

Earlier this week, I didn't bring a lunch to work so I had to get me something. I've eaten at Subway a lot it seems in the past little while, so I was kind of sick of my typical turkey sandwich. But, I didn't want anything too unhealthy for lunch so this was basically my only choice, especially for something without a crazy high price. So I decided to try something completely new. A turkey/ham (I know, still turkey) on honey oat bread, with my choice of veggies and mayonase. I never get mayo at Subway. And let me tell you. It did not disappoint.
So thank you Subway. I get sick of making/eating the same old lunch everyday. Thank you for giving me another option. Thank you for having not one, not two, but many, many tasty choices for me to choose from.


  1. I'm not much of a Subway fan...I'm more of a Schlotzky's Deli kinda girl :)...but I'm glad you branched out! What a good example you are to me! I never branch out...I always get the same things, and it drives Tim nuts :). Yay for options! Here here!!!

  2. i'm so proud of you. i hardly ever break out of my food bubble

  3. Wow would Brigham loves this post and shout out to his favorite place ever. I love Subway too :)