Thursday, December 16, 2010

Sap: It's what I'm good at

Today while I was at work writing the date time and time again, It hit me. As of today, Sam and I have been married 1 year and 7 months! I know. This isn't a typical celebration day. In fact, after a year you only count by years right? Well yes, that is right. But as I realized this at work, I decided I am not a normal person to count our marriage the normal way. And as of lately, I've been especially thankful for Sam.

It's amazing. Just when I think I love Sam the most I can, I realize I continue to love him even more. There is an oldies song I sing frequently to him. It says "I love you more today then yesterday, but not as much as tomorrow." And it's true. My love for my husband grows stronger by the day. I have a deeper love for him now then I did on our wedding day, when I loved him so much I could barley believe he was going to me mine forever. And I know a month from now, even a week from now, that love will get deeper and deeper. It changes frequently for the better!

Sam has been so amazing to me lately. He has been doing so much for me, without even a complaint. I can be a brat sometimes. Ok more than sometimes. And he is so patient and loving. He loves me despite all my flaws. And there are many of them. In fact, he loves even my flaws. He loves me no matter what I look like, no matter if I get mad at him for no reason, no matter if I wear sweats a lot, no matter if I complain. And I love him no matter what too.