Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Harry Potter: The Boy Who Lived.

Tomorrow is a big day for me. It is the day the first half on the 7th movie of Harry Potter comes out, as most of you know. In anticipation, I decided to blog about the boy who lived. The boy who won over my heart as a little girl. I first started reading Harry Potter when I was 13. I remember not really knowing what it was about. For some odd reason, I thought Harry was the bad guy and the Dursleys were the good guys. WHAT was I thinking? I wasn't. I just wasn't. After I got over that little goof, I was hooked. Completely and totally hooked. As each book came out, I would re-read all the previous books, never getting sick of them. I still am not sick of them, and in fact I will read them all again very soon. I was sad when I read the last page of the Deathly Hallows, knowing as far as the books went, it was all over. But there were still movies to be had. And for the most part, they do not disappoint.

I have seen most of them at for the midnight showing, except the 1st and 2nd. The third one I saw for graduation, instead of going to the graduation parties. We even made shirts. I saw the 4th on and 5th one in the theaters a million times each, and the 6th one Sam and I last year went back to the theater, once it was in the dollar, and we had to leave because we both fell asleep. I guess we were just and old married couple. Now the with the 7th one, we get to see at 6pm tomorrow with Sam's company. I am going to be like a kid on Christmas eve tonight and tomorrow at work. I'll be so excited, I won't be able to contain myself.

I just love the imagination in both the books and the movies, even though when I'm watching the with Sam, I'll often pause them and explain what part they left out in the book, or what they did that wasn't in the book or how the book did a particular part. You get the picture. I'm a nerd and darn proud of it. So, in celebration of this the eve of the movie, I'm sitting on my couch, snuggling with the Husband, and watching Harry Potter 6.


  1. You suck. I'm sure you know why. I'm totally jealous, and I will be hating you tomorrow at exactly 6:00. I'm sure I'll eventually get over it...but not for awhile. So...don't plan on me talking to you the next time I see you...cause I'm fairly certain, I'll still be mad :)

  2. I hope you have an awesome time tomorrow. You deserve it. I love Harry Potter too, just not quite as much as you do. It's adorable :) OH, and I'll protect you from Ashley, no worries.