Thursday, February 11, 2016

Life Lately With a New Baby (as of a few weeks ago)

 Its true what they say. The third baby is a game changer. A wonderful one, but a big one. So with this big game changer, life has been Abby trying to hold her baby brother at every chance she can get. Its been a handsome baby boy fresh out of a bath. Life has been a quick dinner date with my boys, because when I have a newborn, I need to get out of the house. And life has been Madalyn loving on her baby brother as well. 
 Life lately has been a sneaky Madalyn finishing her milk quickly, and then stealing her sisters when she leaves. its been giving Madalyn extra snuggles so she doesn't feel replaced. Life has been an adorable picture of my two favorite guys, and its been appreciating my girls being asleep. 
 Life lately has been Madalyn falling asleep in Abbys bed, and Abby waking up in Madalyns. Its been Madalyn getting strong at my moms house, and its been my adorable baby's face. 
 Life has been still trying to figure out how we all the sudden have 3 kids, but loving it (most of the time anyway.) Its been eating at Leatherbys for our friends 30th bday. Life has been spending fun times with my family of 5, and not being able to resist a picture of my boy actually awake. 
Life has been Abby reading her book in church, and of course needing her glasses. Its been Madalyn not being able to resist poking at Andy. Life has been Andy meeting his cousin Wyatt, who was born in August, and its been him being adorable as he sleeps.

Life has been going to the movies on MLK day to see the Good Dinosaur. Its been a happy big sister and a handsome little man, and its been Andy's first real bath and him not enjoying it whatsoever. 

And lastly, its been finding Madalyn asleep on the floor because waking up was too hard. Its been another close of of Andy because i just can't get enough. Life has been full of finding selfies much like this of Abby on my phone, And its been lots of time spent on my bed watching movies while adjusting to a mommy of 3.

Its been chaotic, busy, exhausting, and wonderful. 


  1. So many cute, cute pictures! I love it! I still can't get over the bath picture of Andy, and I'm impressed with how much you've been doing with so many little people!

  2. oh my goodness i am seriously THISCLOSE to licking my screen! that newborn stage- i miss it so! youre so tired you cant really appreciate it but he is just delicious! and how sweet are your two girls together. i just want them all!!!