Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Andrew Samuel Tappana

(This blog took me 2 weeks to write. Life with three kids, right?)

Andy's birth story isn't my favorite. I know, sounds terrible but let me splain. I usually love the labor part of pregnancy. I hate the pregnancy so much, that once I'm in labor, I know its almost over and it is my last...hurrah i guess you could say? Sounds weird I know. So after having such a fantastic labor and delivery with Madalyn, I thought for sure Andrew would just fly out. Not so. It was my hardest pregnancy, and its almost as if Andy wanted one last guarantee that he will be the youngest, by making labor long.  (Disclaimer: no guarantees are final)

On the morning of January 9th, I started to have contractions. They weren't too painful, but they were pretty frequent. We went about our morning as usual. All the sudden, they got so bad I could hardly breath through them, so we packed up everything and headed to the hospital.  By the time we got there at about 1:30, they had calmed down quite a bit. I was progressing a bit, but not a ton so they had me walk for an hour and then get checked again. In that hour, i progressed a centimeter, but since my contractions weren't bad anymore, they wanted me to walk for one more hour. Two hours of walking in bad shoes at 39 weeks pregnant is exhausting. But i was determined to stay, so walk i did. Me and Sam even did some stairs. Well, that did the trick because when i got back, i was at a 5 and they kept me. However, shortly after, my contractions all but stopped, thus my progression did. By this time it was maybe about 7:00? Sam decided to run home to get the girls some things to stay at my moms for the night and nothing happened in that time. At about 9 or so, they came in to check me and i was only at a 6, so i decided to have them break my water. Shortly after the contractions started again with finally some more intensity. About an hour later, I asked for the epidural and got some nice sweet, sweet relief. Sadly, that once again, stopped my progression. I think they waited about two hours and came in and I was still just at 6, so they asked if pitocen was ok. At this point, i just wanted him out so I didn't mind one bit!! After that, we just snoozed as often as we could. My epidural was starting to wear off and I was feeling pretty bad contractions in my left side. I was able to push the button for more medicine and rolled over on my left side. Before I knew it however, it was time to push. The epidural was actually quite perfect. I could feel the contractions enough to know I needed to push, and I could move my legs by myself, but nothing else!

The delivery was quite the chaotic event. As i started to push, Sam all the sudden got quite dizzy and had to sit down. A nurse took over holding my leg, while Sam sat on the couch and immediately passed out. We don't know why he passed out, but we concluded that he could not be a doctor someday. As he was going through that, I all the sudden started throwing up. Andy had to get one last puke out of me. I fear I sprayed the poor nurse and midwife with my vomit, but i'm sure they are used to that, although i was quite embarrassed and tried to apologize between pukes. As i was finishing up, my midwife with some urgency told me i needed to push him out now. His shoulders got stuck and he wasn't doing so well. She was calm, but i could tell it was eminent that i got him out right then. So i used what energy i had left and pushed him out. They put him on my chest and i could tell something wasn't quite right. He was a little floppy and lifeless. However, everyone was calm and they just took him and started to rub him and that i when i heard the sweet cry of my baby boy.

Andrew Samuel Tappana was born January 10th 2016 at 4:18am weighing 9lbs 5oz and 20in long. Its no wonder I was so miserable near the end. He was HUGE!! After they weighed and measured him, they gave him to me for skin to skin and sacred hour. Bonding with my new baby boy for that hour was the best feeling in the world. As soon as i saw his face and he started making little snort noises and started rooting, my heart was forever changed. Another boy came into my life that took a large piece of my heart that i didn't know existed.  I'll admit, i was nervous having a boy. i only knew girl everything up until this point. What was I going to do with a boy? Was i going to love him like i love my girls? All that worry and fear i carried around for 20 weeks fell off my shoulders as i fell in love with my sweet little boy. I will never be the same.

Andy is a dream baby. He eats really well and sleeps ok. I pulled a couple all nighters the first week, but lately he wakes up to eat and goes back to sleep. I hope it lasts.

Abby and Maddie are smitten by him. Anytime he cries, they gather around him and try to shush and comfort him by making him even more upset, since they are right in his space. Poor kid. Haha. Abby always asks me why he is crying and she is fascinated with breastfeeding. She admitted one day to me that a baby brother "isn't so bad after all." Madalyn loves to hold him and push him in his swing. She also loves to try and suffocate him with her hugs.

I feel so complete right now in life. I was terrified for 3, and though its definitely been an adjustment, it has also been the sweetest 3 weeks of our lives. We are in love with our new addition!!


  1. I have been WAITING for this. Trying to be patient since I know life with a new baby and two little girls is crazy, but I admit, I wasn't succeeding. I was about to text you and beg for details. It's so hard living far away and not being able to hear about it all. I had so many questions, is he a good baby, how was delivery, did you get the same mother/son bond that everyone talks about and is hard to understand until you have one? And I'm so happy that you answered them all!!

    Sounds like both of our last labor and deliveries were longer and harder than expected. Give me the pitocin any day, is my new motto :) And that's scary, everything that happened at the end, but I'm glad it all worked out and ended with that sweet, sweet baby boy. I'm happy your girls love him, happy that he's a good baby, and happy that you are loving life with your little family. Wish I could be there to give him a squeeze and a kiss, and that we could have the two new little cousin boys together. Someday! Congrats, and good work!

  2. this makes me so happy and sad at the same time- happy bc andy is just a doll and so cute. im so sorry it was a much harder pregnancy AND labor!! but maybe the trade off will be that andy will be an angel baby. it makes me sad bc im missing so much of your life. i miss and love you!