Monday, March 21, 2016

Andrew Samuel: 2 months

Oh man its been so long since I have blogged. I totally missed Andys 1 month update, and he has been 2 months for almost 2 weeks, so I thought it was about time. I miss blogging, but I hardly ever sit at my computer these days. I haven't even sat and read blogs in ages. plus, my computer is literally falling apart, so pushing buttons is kinda hard. My screen is literally hanging on by a thread to my keyboard! yikes!! Anyway, this is about Andy, not my dumb computer.

I can't believe i ever was nervous about having a little boy. seriously, i enjoyed my pregnancy even less because i had such great anxiety that a) i wouldn't know how to handle a boy and b) that he wouldn't be as cute as my girls. my gosh how wrong i was. little Andy has my whole heart, and did from the very first moment he was laid on my chest and we did skin to skin. I can't believe how much i love him.

At two months Andy can:

  • Lift his head/hold it up pretty well.
  • He makes you work for his smiles. He is a very serious young man, but when he does smile, it lights up his whole face.
  • He loves being held. Some days not much gets done because he hates being put down. And when he is held, he loves facing out. 
  • He hates tummy time, but what baby doesn't, right?
  • He loves to eat, and nurses really well. We tried a bottle once and he didn't take it so well, but i have a girls night coming up in a week and i need him to take it. 
  • I'm going to jinx myself again, but he is typically a really good sleeper. last time i admitted this on social media, he kept me up for a few nights, but he is back to sleeping well. Lately he has been going to sleep for the night around 10 and waking up anywhere between 5:30 and 7:30, and going back to sleep after he eats a bit. And he has himself on a pretty good nap schedule too, usually when the girls lay down so i can have alone time, or sleep like i prefer. Because i love to sleep. 
  • He is starting to get interested in objects. He tried grabbing my moms watch the other day, he stares at his hangy things on his swing, and was very interested in a monkey toy the other day. 
  • He loves his sisters, even if they do smother him and make him cry.
  • He seems to be a big mamas boy, which i'm pretty ok with. :)
  • He has many nicknames. Abby calls him Andy-pants and Madalyn calls him "my baby anyew."
I am seriously so in love with my little boy, and i'm so glad he is in our little family. He is so loved by his daddy and his sisters too. We truly are so blessed!! I love you little Andy!


  1. I'm happy he's sleeping better, I pray you aren't jinxed! I love seeing more pictures of the little man, and I'm so glad you updated about him! I always want to know more. I'm impressed with his interest in toys. My baby boy seems clueless!

  2. he is just the cutest little baby! i want to hold and snuggle him!!! xoxoxo nard dog i am going to love on you one day!