Thursday, October 10, 2013


Oh that face of Abby's. How I love it.
Tuesday night was rough. Sweet little Abby decided to act like a two year old, and decided she didn't like little sister that night. Never before has such a fit of that magnitude happened in our house. When Sam got home from young mens, I just sorta threw in the towel and let him take over for a bit. I was done.

But then the aforementioned sweet Abbigale totally went from a terrible two year old to the sweetest two year old in the world as she sang "I Am A Child of God" and my heart melted. 99% of the time, she is still the sweetest little girl in the world.

I know some days are more challenging than others. In fact, the next day as she was acting up again and I was about to lose it thinking about how hard this whole mom of two business is for me, I got the thought in my head "find joy in your posterity." Sometimes I am too rigid. I want to get things done first, play second. If I am in the middle of cleaning something and my girls need attention, I will usually just hurry and finish, because it bothers me not to. However, I've noticed that is when Abby starts to act up. I need to focus on the joy more that parenthood brings to me, rather than the hardships. My girls are only going to be this young for such a short time. I can let things go and play more. Heaven knows it will make for happier children and thus, a happier mommy.

I love being a mommy. I love that I have two beautiful girls to call my own. Two girls that are already growing WAY too fast (like Abby acting like a teenager today and she rolled her eyes and sighed when I wouldn't give her a cookie, or Maddi who I swear is already starting to grow out of 3 month clothes because she is just so chubby.) and before I know it they will be teenagers.

So, I am focusing on my girls for a bit. The house can be cleaned later. (for some reason, I can't have a spotless house and happy girls.) My homework can be done during naps. For now, it's girl time. (after I finish this post that is.;))


  1. Sweet post. Definitely something I need to remember and work on too. And I love that Madalyn is growing out of her clothes when Abby was always (and still is) such a skinny mini.

  2. Yes!! The dishes will always need to be done, the laundry is never ending - but it's true we need to stop and be a mom too! I think I remember an Apostle (I think it was Bednar) talking about how those things will always be there, but our children will not and we need to remember that there are more important things to take care of rather than sacrificing for cleaning or whatever it may be. I have to remind myself that when everything is now times four in our household - I think the mess just gets worse! lol Enjoy your time with your little ones! And I know how hard it is to get a schedule going when a new one is added! You are doing a great job Caitlin being a Mommy! And you have a great husband too! You guys are great parents! Love you!

  3. i really needed this - its way too easy to just get caught up in the mechanics of the stay at home mom and getting things done instead of slowing down and taking care of the kids. and man, these kids- its like super fun or super the worst! hahah thanks for the reminder!