Monday, October 7, 2013

Life Lately According to my Phone

 Life lately has been busy nights getting the girls ready for bed all by myself while Sam has been in class...and being successful at it might I add. Life has been Abby getting an ice cream cone for being a good girl during pictures, and getting a goatee from it. Its been having a homework date night and ordering food from our new favorite Chinese place, and Its been a cute curly mo-hawk on my cute little girl.
 Life's been Maddi's first Sunday at church and hanging out in the mothers lounge. It's been my beautiful baby girl smiling, and showing off her new owl jacket. Life has been loving every minute spent with my little family of 4.
 Life has been Abby not being able to get enough of her little sister. Poor Maddi.
 Life lately has been Abby dressing up in her hat and gloves, getting excited for winter. It's been her block tower that for some reason I found cool during library day. Life lately has been getting festive with our Halloween socks (and already losing one of Abby's. I am so mad!) and It's been my new cute Fox sweater. What does the fox say?
 Life has been a very naughty toddler running down the street when we got home, thus being put in time out. It's been that same naughty toddler refusing to nap, and then zonking out later on my lap. And it's been all naughty-ness forgotten when I came out of the bathroom to find an Abby Wonder playing her piano. What a goofy girl I have! And life has been me not being able to get enough of this baby face of Maddi's. 
 Life lately has been dressing my girls up in their cute Halloween attire. It's been visiting the cold mountains to look at leaves between conference sessions. Life has been a fun girls night at Arctic Circle and then Gardner Village, and it's been Maddi's new swaddling contraption that Aunt Ali and baby Daphne are letting us borrow. 
And, life has been keeping herself entertained during conference by jumping on my tramp. It's been the whole family enjoying the Conference Muddy Buddies, that I took later to my in laws so I wouldn't eat them today and now I am about it. And, life has been cuddling Maddi in my robe, because my cool bff8 taught me that trick.


  1. I love the picture of Abby in her leopard outfit where she is smothering Madalyn so much that all you can see of Madalyn is her screaming mouth...haha....poor Madalyn. And I love the new owl jacket. So cute!

    What is your new favorite chinese place? I want to try it!

  2. Cute kiddo's. We went up to the mountains after conference too - but on our side it was way too snowy - the van didn't get far! So, we headed south for family pictures. :) Have a wonderful day!

  3. i cannot get over madis sweet little face! she really is a mini-caitlin. i just love your halloween outfits and socks and the cute owl sweater- fall is the best of all the seasons. and im quite green over your fox sweater