Saturday, April 30, 2011

The Big 7!

The Bump: 28 weeks.

So here I am. Starting out my 7th month. My belly keeps on ever-growing. It's so weird to me to look in the mirror and see how big my belly is getting. Or looking down and not seeing my feet anymore. (not that I want to. They are becoming puffy) Or when I hug Sam my tummy is just in the way. But I sure do feel pretty cute with it. Most of the time anyway. So in honor of the 7th month of pregnancy, here is a list of things going on with myself and my little Abbigale.
  • Like I said, my feet are getting puffy. I noticed earlier this week at work they were puffing over my shoes. Sigh.
  • I just had to go shopping today for new shirts. :) My belly is outgrowing some of the ones I bought at the beginning. (see above for one of my new ones)
  • I can't get off my couch or floor anymore while looking like a lady at the same time.
  • My heartburn is getting worse, but it can still be handled.
  • I haven't thrown up in THREE WEEKS AND 2 DAYS!!! Which is big news. I just hope I didn't jinx myself.
  • My thoughtful boss told me earlier this week I was starting to waddle. He said it was a compliment though. Um...thank you?
  • Abby is kicking really hard. Sam can feel her kick and we can see my tummy moving when she does. Best feeling ever!!
We are so excited for her to come. In about 12 more weeks, we are going to have a baby!! Sometimes I think about it and get sooooo excited I can barley stand it! Other times, I get so overwhelmed at the thought that once I have this baby, there is no turning back. She is our responsibility! We can't just give her back, though I know I won't want to.

Oh and also, congratulations to my BFF8 Mel and her husband Justin. They just found out they are having a little boy!! It is going to be so much fun having a baby with her!! Abby and  are going to be the best of friends!!


  1. you've got puffy feet??!! hahahaa oh thats horrible!!! do they hurt too? i can't believe its been that long since you threw up- that's like an eternity to you. i love that you're starting to waddle too- i wish i was there so i could borrow your maternity clothes bc i have like...none. but the ones i have are bigger then you so i bet they would fit you!

  2. I never really got puffy I feel for you! However, I had horrible horrible horrible heartburn.

    You look so adorable! I admired your super cute belly yesterday at Dan and Nonie's. I have to admit, I am jealous of your beauty. You have a glow :).

    Oh, and p.s. I LOVE your shirt! But I'm pretty sure I told you that yesterday. I'll have to see your other cute belly clothes that you got too. So fun! Love you!

  3. I never got puffy feet either. Just tired, vein-y feet. Sick.

    You seriously look great for being 7 months!

    Even though it's hard try to enjoy your big belly right now because when you have your baby (as weird as it sounds) you'll miss it. Or at least I did. :)