Sunday, July 25, 2010

Yellowstones and Buffalopes.

Last week my family went on such a fun vacation to Yellowstone. Here are some highlights of the trip. We left early Monday morning, and made a few fun stops on the way up to Island Park, where our cabin was. We stopped by Mack's Inn, and hung out there for a while. We got some yummy pizza and just played around. We were able to check into our fun cabin at 4, and spent the rest of the night enjoying it! Here is the view of the cabin from upstairs.

Tuesday, we spent the day in Yellowstone. We saw a lot of Hot Pots, some pretty waterfalls, and a lot of Bison. That night we went to Old Faithful, but it was so late and we were all so tired and hungry, that we didn't want to wait and hour to see it erupt, so we just went back to the cabin.Wednesday, we decided to stay around Island Park, so we found a beautiful hike called the Coffee Pot's trail. It was so much fun, even when pelican's pooped on me. It was right along the Snake River.
On Thursday, we stopped by a place called Quake Lake. My family went there back in 1994, and it was so creepy. This time, it wasn't as creepy as i remember, but it was fun to visit again. Then we went to Yellowstone, but we didn't see as much as we wanted to.

Friday, we left our cabin and made our journey to Jackson Hole to go to the Bar J, but not before we stopped by Old Faithful and watched it explode! On the way to Jackson Hole, we stopped by the Grand Tetons and decided a swim in the lake. My brother Erik and His wife Ali were the first ones to get in the water, then eventually most of us joined. Here are Sam and I having fun in the lake!
The Bar J at Jackson was a lot of fun. It is a chuck wagon dinner, with super good meats and beans and applesauce and cornbread. It was super good. Then after they have a country band play. It was a lot of fun!

I'm really glad we were able to go with my family. I'm still going through withdrawals from it. Ha ha. It was one of the most fun things I have done in a while!


  1. Fun fun fun! I LOVE Yellowstone! I could probably go there every year and never get sick of it...just like Disneyland! Although, I could live in Disneyland, and I don't know that I'd want to live in Yellowstone. It sounds and looks like you guys had a blast. I'm so happy you had fun! I love the new header picture too by the way. So pretty :)

  2. Your brother, Erik seems so cool. I bet his wife is cool too. Can I meet them?

  3. a pelican pooped on your head? when you could have eaten him in a section? brave little toaster.