Wednesday, July 7, 2010

What a Weekend!!

I love July, it starting out with my birthday, and one of my favorite Holidays: The 4th of July!! Sam made sure my birthday weekend was the best ever. Friday we didn't do much seeing as were both so tired, so he took me to Olive Garden and then he gave me a new camera for my Birthday!! Just what I wanted!! It's so great! Saturday was my real birthday adventure.

We started out by going to hike Timpanogos Cave. One of Sam's least favorite activities is hiking, but he did it because he knew I wanted to. It was a lot of fun!! The only downside: we got suckered into buying sweatshirts because we forgot ours and the cave, especially when sweaty, gets cold. Since I was shivery through my jacket, I was glad we had them. After we hiked back down, we had a little picnic then headed home to clean up and go see fireworks at Sugarhouse park. We bought some fun glow-sticks, and let me tell you, totally worth the $3. The fireworks were ok. Taylorsville Dayzz were better. But it was fun being there. The traffic was horrible after, but that is ok. Sunday was a lot of fun too. My newest niece Emery was blessed, so after we went to my Sam's brothers Tim and his wife Ashley's house for some delicious food. After, we went to my parents house for mine and my sister-in-law's, Ali, birthday dinner. It is always fun to share a birthday with her. I also have a birthday around the same time as my other sister-in-law on Sam's side, Kari. That night we just played around with the family. It was a great night. After, My brother Erik, Ali, Sam, and I went to a midnight eating at Village Inn. Monday, another great day, we went to see Toy Story 3 with my family, then we went to my parents for some fun, and later went to the in laws for a yummy dinner and a nice walk.

It was a great weekend, and so hard to go back to work Tuesday. But next week we will be in Yellowstone, so I shouldn't fret too much!!


  1. i esp love your face in your glow stick picture. bellas got nothing on you