Monday, October 11, 2010


So today I tried a new recipe. It wasn't from my I Do cookbook. It was a recipe from my mom. My favorite Broccoli Cheese Soup recipe. Well, the first time I made it, it was disgusting! So, I wanted to try it again, when disaster struck.

Here is the story:

I was using one burner to cook the broccoli and onions. When that was done, I was getting ready to start on the white sauce, so I moved the broccoli to the back burner and reached in my cupboard to grab the flower. We keep it in a ice cream carton. I set it on the stove, turned away and smelled plastic burning. Well turns out when I switched burners, I turned on the wrong one on, and melted the bottom of the flower container. So I quickly picked it up, touching the burning melting plastic with my pinkie, and spilled flower everywhere. With my pinkie burning, I turned away to the sink, making more mess with the flower and ran my finger under cold water, then moved the flower, getting it all over the burner, which now not only had flour everywhere but plastic stuck to it, I also got it all over the floor and all in the sink. Which by the way with the water running over my pinkie made a gluey mess in the sink. So then I had to make my white sauce with one hand. Luckily Sam got home from work just in time and after laughing at the mess, helped me finish dinner since my hand burned when I took it out of the water. The Burned Container
Gluey Mess
All over the floor

It was worse in person. But, the good news is, the soup turned out very tasty! I was quite pleased with it. On other news, on my day off today I went shopping and bought some cute much-needed sweaters. Old Navy is having a super awesome sale. Also, I'm going to Cedar for our reunion in 3 days! And I have a sweet wonderful Husband!

Life is good! (besides the burn on my pinkie)


  1. Hahahahahahahahahahahaha!!!! Sorry, I have to laugh, that is too funny! Glad the soup worked this time though. I'm making it on Friday :)

  2. hhhahahaa!! we have broccoli soup last night too but i don't have an awesome of a story- i am quite impressed with your "burn" story- did it smell like burning stone??

  3. Oh my goodness I would have gotten so frustrated and probably sat down and cried. I'm glad your soup was still tasty though and that you got new sweaters :)