Wednesday, September 22, 2010

New couch! New chair! New Friends?

When Sam and I first got married, we lived in a place that was completely furnished. When we moved a few months back, we had to buy our own furniture. We had borrowed our brothers couch for the time being, but we have been looking into getting a new couch soon, preferably in black. Today at work, I was bored so I got on the KSL website, not expecting to find anything. But I got lucky and found a great deal!! Not only did we find this great couch, but we also found this matching chair!

Both leather, both black, and both in really great condition, for only $375, with free delivery. Also, the couple that sold them, are potential new couple friends. They seem super boss. They don't know that they are being sought after for potential friends, but we'll get them. We have their number. Even if we have to buy some more furniture. Dating is so hard even after marriage, and we will stop at no end.


  1. shouldn't be hard...we beg for your attention! If you hang out with us...I'll let you hold my cute baby :)

  2. you headhunt those new couple friends- you tag them good

  3. Uh oh.... I saw Mel commented here. I was a little concerned that my eyes would burn from her fowl language. Thanks for keeping it family oriented this time Mel!

  4. I think we're pretty cool....even if Brigham comments on things he wasn't even involved with... :D
    Plus I think Lydia is in love with Sam.
    Look at your family fighting over you.